I've been wanting to write for a looong time. let's see how it does dear blog of mine.

I've been making alot of new videos recently which is a good thing for me, meaning that the winter sessions will go well.
Oh Oh! Winter sessions! Explanation coming in 3...2...1...

The Sessions were created by Emily (shebitmylip) as a summer project. Making a video each day on weekdays. I thought it was an amazing idea and enjoyed every video of the sessions, watching young Emily grow to be a ice vlogger. I speak as if I'm the greatest vlogger in the world when in reality I can remember what I was going to say and end up talking nonsense, not breaking the language barrier.Sidetracked. ok. Moving on. The summer sessions ended and Jay (ofarevolution441) decided he was going to make the autumn sessions to bring his channel back to life, only this time it would be only 1 video a week. At that moment I thought I would LOVE to have the winter sessions and be cool and holiday spirited and what not. So I got them and I'll be making them. and yay liife.

As I'm typing this, the spell checker thing macbooks have has corrected me at least 29 times, not even kidding. MUST. GO. BACK. TO. SCHOOL.

Anyways. Christmas is up peoples!! I'm getting alot of shiny new stuff to play with, like guitar hero and wii fit and animal crossing for the DS. Sadly, no rune factory 2 which I'll have to buy online, which is not a bad thing, but I always have the fear that I'll get scammed or something. we'll see how that goes.

I have to send wall-e's to Germany and Canada!! Still don't know when I'll be doing that, and I think I'll have to go to UPS or DHL or something like that to get it done.

What else is up. OH OHHH. IMINLIKEWITHYOU. hehe. I freaking love that site, I'm not as obsessed with it as someone else I know *cough*
kiwi *cough*. I'm level 8 and I feel like I've wasted a big part of my life in that site. But if we go there, we'll have to say that I waste more time at work doing absolutely nothing I can take advantage of. I was promoted and it doesn't feel like it.

I read the first twilight book. It wasn't THAT bad, it was kinda boring at the beginning, but it got a little better in the last, like 40 pages, lol. The next day my mother invited me to go watch the movie, and I couldn't believe what a piece of crap it is. Seriously!! I was literally falling asleep there! I didn't like the casting (except
kristen stewart), I laughed at the fact that the villains are hotter than the good guys, I smiled when Stephanie Meyer (the author) appeared writing on her laptop, I hated Robert Pattinson and I LOATHED the adaptation. I have to say that the scenery was pretty cool. But that's it! The acting was bad. and UGH. I hate when books get bad adaptations. UGH UGH UGH.

Oh well, dearest blog reader of mine, I think I'll leave you because I have to watch a movie. Speaking of movies: I didn't like
Angelina Jolie until I saw her on Wanted. OMFG she is HOT. *sexes her.

Good bye. xxx


OH. PS. I'm in love with Peter, Bjorn and John's new song (see below):

Creepy video, Great song. <3 for you.


Changes (a narcissistic blogpost)

Hello dearest blog of mine. I wonder if I should give you a name. Like Rick or something cool. Maybe I'll just keep calling you blog because that's what I've been doing this whole time. Yes, you're blog. Blogjc. ^_^ I want to make this colorful an nice like jasmine's blog. let's give it a try. 

Winter, my favourite time of the year (yes, favourite with ou because I learned british english). Hopefully snow will come this year since it's november and it's FUCKING FREEZING, which I really like. Also, I've been going through one of those times where you just really don't like yourself that much. I want to get a new wardrobe full o' brown and green and beige and ocasional colour explosions like yellow and purple. Sadly, I'm lucky enough to have soup everyday, which takes me to another point.

I'm skinny, really skinny, and I don't like a second of it. All the people that I know tell me that it's better to be skinny than fat. I reply that I don't want to be fat, I just want to be normal. (how emo is that?) But yeah, turns out my metabolism is fucked up and runs at the speed of light, so no matter how much I eat I don't gain any weight. And Something that has concerned me is that I'm actually losing weight instead of gaining. Weird. I really really want to see a doctor to tell me what the heck is going on, but sadly the insurance is fucked up at the moment and I can't visit a good doctor. Oh life, why most thou do this. Also,  I want  to exercise but I don't want to until I actually have fat to shape. 

In other words, I want to reinvent myself, kinda like starting from scratch. Both physically and mentally. But I have no clue where to start (a better job sounds nice). 

Don't you just wish you could do things again? (how napoleon dynamite's uncle of me).

Changing the subject, Emily the first (as I'm going to star calling her) made this awesome summer project called the summer sessions. Then Jay decided to make the autum sessions and now I want to carry on their legacy with the winter sessions! Why, because I think it's a great idea to force yourself make a video and be happy and blah blah blah. SO, yeah, there's that and something else really big that I wanted to talk about but I can't seem to remember now!


Movie Live Blog

months ago, Bryony made a blog about watching happy feet. I'll now do that but with the movie 'Happily Never After'.... or something. Expect sarcasm because I expect a crap move.

*starting with the dvd being only in spanish. ugh.
*who are all this producers anyway? I've never heard of vanguard animation before
*OH WAIT, I think this is a german movie, that explains it....
*I hate when movies have the credits at the beginning
*the stepmom had an extreme makeover in 5 seconds
*ok that cinderella is just uglier than the stepmom, just saying
*I don't remember slave richard because there was no slave richard in cinderella
*bsides, richard is clearly handsomer than the prince, it's obvious that he's going to woo cinderella
*hohoho!! andy dick's voice! I'm glad this is in spanish
*that stepsister wears a purple wig! she must be... A TRANNY
*that house was way too small for all of those chores
*I'm really disturbed by this new richard character
*and the castle is ugly, you'd expect a 1864 bedroom castle with gardens an fountains, but no.
*the cat is right, why does rumplestinkin want a baby? 
*the wizard is off for vacation in scotland. of ALL the places in the universe, he goes to scotland.
*the wizard needed a void to go to scotland, how is he coming back? LOOPHOLE.
*Fairy godmother wants to turn cinderella into a real boy. HMM. She's got the hair already, I kinda know where this movie is going lol.
*Where did she study magic!? online?
*I guess I'm supposed to believe that it's just fate who brought the stepmom to hear the word magic said 10 floors up.
*no wait, she just said it was 40
*stepmom has a very small waist, and does better magic than the godmother
*ew, prince licked his hand and grabbed cinderella's
*so there's a balance for good and bad... why doesn't someone pulls it to the good side? I mean everyone would be extra happy and noone would ever think about doing wrong. right?
*stepmom is right, the prince IS a loser.
*'I hate to say this, but this get's worse'... no shit sherlock
*suddenly, cinderella is aware that there ARE other fairytales
*it's the fifth time I've heard that fucking song
*awww the monster mash with disco inferno. 
*that wolf has manboobs
*I'm getting sleepy


________+BACK TO THE MOVIE+________

*I've got news for you cinderella, 'just rick' is your happily ever after
*I wonder if Buffy is singing this song...
*SO cinderella is JUST REALIZING she doesn't like the prince but this rick guy.
*I have a hunch that cinderella and rick are brothers. INCEST.
*Where's the king of the... kingdom?
*I think the prince is on steroids
*wait a sec.... where the eff are the stepsisters?!
*there's a lava pit under the castle
*cinderella must have watched miss congeniality, because she just used 'sing'
*I don't like this! She's supposed to marry the prince! I HATE YOU RICK


Teddy Bear Cookies

I forgot to put it here. I bought a macbook. yay. I still don't have it, but it's already bough, so all this time I've been h8ting the store for being out of stock. yes I said h8. word. yes, I said word.

You may notice the brand new banner I made last week. it's fun and it has ugly betty on it. it made me laugh. I love designing. I want to go to school and design. Also, I want to go to a starbucks with my macbook, why? I really don't know, I just think it's cool to go there and chill with free internet (psst psst, kiwi).

I'm currently listening to Avril Lavigne, I have no idea why. I used to love her music. I really really did, until her new album came and it was full of shit. I hate that artist change their style. they're famous for a reason. in the end it's music what counts but blaah. I lost the train of thought.

I should probably go to sleep because I have to get up early because I have a meeting at 9am. ugh. But I don't want to go because I feel the urge to write here. yes, in MY blog, where I can write about ANYTHING I fucking want. 

oh oh. I got drunk last night and I fell and now I have a scab on my knee and it hurts. But I had so much fun last night, I needed fun like that. kay that would be all.


new blog. finally.

Hello blog. I've been neglecting you. I'm sorry, it won't happen again... probably.

I've been working so hard right now you wouldn't even know. I have bruises in my hands and stuff!. Why do you have bruises in your hands, jc? I mean, you work in blockbuster. Yeah, that's the thing. I (with some other guy) had to put some HUUUUUUUUUGE posters and the wires were really tight and my hands hurt. ;__; but enough about that. I'm pretty sure I'll get my macbook on the 4th of 5th of december, so I have to find something else and save up what I can.

---- Things I saw today ----

*a guy with a very high pitched voice that made me laugh on my mind
*a woman with hairy legs
*rain leaking in my aunts house
*tony giving an earjob to a bunny
*a cute dog that always licks my hands ^_^
*Sunday Blog. On a sunday.
*Yearbook Pics, which bring me to my next point.

---End of Things I saw today ----

The Year Book: JC edition
So, catching up with all of the things I catch up on when I go online I saw Kiwi's Blog
and omg I laughed so hard that I decided to make my own.

And now, a little story of what Jc might have been through the ages:

1956 JC: This JC would have been like a total nerd and today own his own company. something called like... Macrosoft or something like that. He got married to a cheerleader and had a thousand kids. (omg, poor wife...)

1968 JC: This JC would have aspirations as a model. But after trying and trying he decided to join the porn industry because he had no money left. He didn't got married but DID had a thousand kids.

1976 JC: This JC was a wannabe. Aftr years of eternal popularity in high school, following trends he stole from other schools, they finnaly took revenge on a cheerleading competition... wait... was that a movie?

1980 JC: After suffering child abuse, this JC decided to live on his own. He had a peaceful life in the alps. He found love in a goat. He had a thousand goat kids.

1992 JC: This Jc pursued a rap career. why? I don't know, but one of the other 90's options remided me of eminem.

2000 JC: This Jc is not me, mainly because I graduated in 2008 kay? kay. uhm.. this JC... erm... got macig powers and lived happily ever after as a garbage pail kids illustrator. 

the end.

----- Things that have been going on -----

"me and my Indiana Jones t-shirt at work. Not working"

So yeah, I'm going into details about my job here. There are things I like and things I don't like about it. and since I'm good at making lists here are things I like:

*The People. They are all really nice guys and stuff.
*The Free Rents. It's not much but I have 5 free rents every week. Ju-On tomorrow :D
*The Fact that I can talk to people. Why? I don't know, but I like it. Even when they are douchebags.
*The policeman. Omg that man is the shit. he always greet me nicely and we chat when nobody's looking.
*Learning new things. I like feeling productive.
*The uniform: which is jeans on mondays and beige pants the rest of the week.
*The fact that is near my house and it's 2 cents away.
*The awesome bank account. (I have 10 minutes to talk to anyone on the phone for free, any volunteers?).
*Something I must have forgotten.

And Here's things I don't like about my job:
*There are times when the managers don't let me have a break. even though it's illegal and I can sue them.
*When I ask them not to put me on the counter and they put me on the caounter. Then there's money missing and I have to pay.
*The fact that they think I'm some kind of superhuman that can multitask and I can't. Multitasking is something I've been working on and I've only suceeded on the computer.
*They didn't give me a proper training.
*One of the bosses thinks he's too cool for the store. lol. he's a dwarf and has pimples.
*People that pay more attention to their phones than to you.
*the fact that I really REALLY miss school... -__-

And there are more, but I'm tired of writing about this.

OMG! NEW HOUSE. If everything goes according to planned I'll be moving sometime in january to a house. an actual house. so macbook and house. OH and maybe I'll put the modem in my room. so free internetz for all.

I've lost the focus to write. I'll be back when it comes back. meanwhile enjoy life.

xoxo, Gossip Boy


Bleh: a miserable post by JC.

Good Afternoon Blog, how have you been? Hope you're well, because I'm certainly not.

Lemme explain it to you:

As you may know, I've been trying to get a job for like 2 months now, and I finally got it and it's just ok. I work in a blockbuster now, and again I feel like I don't belong there. Bleh, maybe it's just me, but I feel like I can earn more by doing less. I wok for 8 and a half hours with a 30 minute break, which btw, can't happen if the manager in charge decides it.

I used to work informing about pre-sales and helping people find their movies, and I actually liked it, but nooooooo, they had to make me a cashier. I should also mention that I barely know how to use those computers, so I'm always asking for help, and if I don't mention special sales to costumers, they get free rents and I get yelled at. I hate it I trully hate it! for a person like me who is kinda shy, to be handling money... it's just too much pressure on my poor little being. And to top it all I think that only one of the 10 people in the store like me. Not that I care about that really, but it's not nice to see scowls everywhere I go.

I want an office job. I know some people say they suck, but really, how bad can it be? I really don't like to be standing up THE WHOLE 8 HOURS. I want to have internet access because I'm addicted to it, and I feel that something's missing when I'm not online.

This job isn't really what I was expecting, I knew about the whole can't sit thing, but I thought I would get proper training this time, and the worst thing is that I can't quit! I can't!!! because otherwise I would have to pay for the uniforms and $45 that I didn't asked for in the first place. ugh UUUGH. I have to wait like 3 months to quit and get a decent check...

What really keeps me going is the prospect of a macbook. I want one, I've wanted one since last year. And there are new macbooks coming soon!! *excited*

Maybe it will get better in time, who knows, rigth now, I'm going to ask them to remove me from being a cashier abd do something more passive, like you know, organizing the movies and such. I'd like that...


On a side note, I can't make videos and it kills me. Today is my free day and EVERYONE IS IN THE HOUSE because it's a holiday. bleh, bleh, bleh.


Birthday Extravaganza

Dear Blog, as I'm writing this I realize that my  greatest fear is coming true and it won't stop.
I'm growing up. I'm 20 years old now, I don't have a job and I can't go to college yet. 

So, birthday details. I got up at like 9:30 because my aunt called me. I had my breakfast and waited for my mom to come home so we could go to my other aunt's house. I'm cheap. Kay. I got there and explained my cousin a few things about my mom's cam because he's borrowing it for when he goes to san francisco (whic is kinda ironic because his name is francisco). Mom asked if I had any plans for the day, and since it was monday I hadn't planned anything because I hate mondays.

Now, my day would have been like this: going back home, watch a little tv, eat, and spend the rest of the day hokked up tho my computer. But my cousin didn't want me to do that and instead my aunt gave him money to treat me (Subway was the only thing we could afford). We hung out in his house for a while when he said he wanted to go to the beauty and the beast, a musical that I've already seen, you know. I at this point had spend my money aka aunt's present on Mario Kart DS (OMG IT'S ADDICTIVE)and therefore hadnothing to purchase my ticket. 

You may remember my cousing from old posts when he bought my ticket for the lion king, and if now, well, he bought my ticket to the lion king. He said he was treating me because it was my birthday and what not. I like musicals. I like them because I like when people randomly start to sing. Like in Buffy.


The Many Faces of Maddoxhardcore

Yesterday Maddox held her very first Blogtv show. I had such a great time guessing the cheese, thinking of 10 ways to use maxipads and looking at penises all in the same show!
Sadly, Billi couldn't be there because his computer was dead or something so I took the liberty to save some screencapse from his Mrs.

The lovely Cat/Bunny

Doesn't matter if she's balck or white

All that she want's is another baby *cough* Billi *cough*

We didn't know how many tissues she used

She looks like she's having a blast!

Why so serious?

'Billi would be proud'- someone in the chat


Doing her hair

Boom shake the room


Knee Licking Action

Another Shot

Tony's interpretation

In other news, my birthday is next week *squeak*. I think I might make a video showing baby pics or something just because 20 is a nice round number.



So today when I woke up I saw my cousin's old ghostbusters proton gun that he gave me ages ago. I used to like that thing so much and I looked around my room and saw alot of stuff that I have because of sentimentalism. I realized today that I'm going to be 20 in less than 2 weeks abd I'm kinda terrified of growing up (peter pan complex anyone?). I love being here in my home where everything is free and I have clean clothes whenever I want them and stuff. It freaks me out that I won't have that kind of treatment in a long time. I thought about this when I was like 12 years old and the fear grew and grew and now I'm almost 20 and I don't know what is going to become of me. I really want some independence but I'm just too used to this kind of life that I don't know what I should or shouldn't do.

I made a  video about the gun:


Browsing through my files...

I came across this lovely piece of photography


I was 16 then! lol.


People's vacations and job hunt

Dear Blog:

I feel like I should talk to you directly instead of just talking to myself which leads me to think that I might be crazy although I think I am so that's ok and now I just started rambling and this is why I fucking hate vlogs because I jump from subject to subject without making any sense.


My mom and some other relatives boarded a plane to Orlando this morning. It makes me kinda sad because I haven't got on a plane in 10 years, can you believe that?. I'll be home alone for 9 whole days, in which I hope to find a suitable job for me. I've been considering getting a job in another Friday's because jesus know the pay is good. And I need money real fast to buy my macbook in november, when I plan to go to college. On the other hand, I don't want to wast myself as I did in the restaurant. I really felt that I was more capable of doing my manager's job that he did (If you only saw him using a computer...).

I want to have my own money to buy stuff that I'll regret I bought. Like right now I want  a new DS game and I can't buy it because my current budget is... $0.5

That's what I've been doing this past days. Job Hunting! whee. I got my nose patch removed today! and it feels weird. REALLY weird. My skin is so sensible right now and kinda greasy which is gross. ew. I'll stop the nose talking now.

kay I'm done writing this. cya soon blog! hopefully with a job.


A Blog About My Ipod

Ok, so many people have told me that my ipod must be crazy, mainly because of the songs I have there. And it's true, I have a very diverse music taste. I know how to recognize good music ans stuff. But I'm also a criminal for listening to catchy poppy songs, or anyting commercial.

So I decided I'm going to separate the artists in some categories in this blog because I want to blog, but I don't know what about. :D

Artists I'm proud of being in my ipod:
*Anna Nalick
*Christina Aguilera
*Daft Punk
*Death Cab For Cutie
*Led Zeppelin
*Nine Inch Nails
*Regina Spektor
*The Sugarcubes
*The Bravery
*The Hives
*The Strokes
*Spice Girls (yes, I like them. Very much)

I'm sure there's more. Now, the fun part starts here, where I shall name artist that embarass me and my ipod, but they have a 1 hit wonder (in my mind).
*Amy Adams (Jesus...)
*Ashlee Simpson
*Avril Lavigne
*Black Eyed Peas
*Britney Spears
*Brittany Murphy (what have I done)
*Celine Dion
*Charo (lol)
*Destiny's Child
*Gwen Stefani
*Hannah Montana (How exactly did I get one of her songs?)
*JC Chasez
*Josie & The Pussycats (wtf???)
*Justin Timberlake
*Lil' Mama
*Lindsay Lohan
*Nicole Kidman (again, wtf???)
*The Pipettes  (PULL SHAPES)
*30 Seconds to Mars
*50 Cent

And for a final category, the 'how the f*ck did this get here', featuring the talents of:
(click them for a yt vid!)

So yeah, that's about it. But if you think you've seen all of my ipod YOU'RE TERRIBLY WRONG. I've only posted like 30% of it.


My Balloon Friend (Behind the Scenes)

Couple days ago, (nights that is) I was trying to fall asleeeep when suddenly something stuck into my head. A nice balloon named Becky. As soon I saw her pretty face I came up with a video idea, it took me 10 seconds to get out of bed turn on the lights and sketch Becky and a concept.

I had to wait until today to record it because all the tape I had on my face was starting to come off, and I had to go to the doctor (TO DISCOVER THAT I'LL HAVE NEW TAPE ON MY FACE FOR 2 MORE WEEKS), and blaaah blaaah, blaaah. I've never had so much fun doing a video. It just felt right. until I started editing with my brand new sony vegas 5 that I don't know how to use. AAAANYWAYS. I even swallowed my gum while recording... but that didn't matter! :D

I ended up saving a HUUGE file and importing it to movie maker. Here's the video:

So while I used a pin to busrt the balloon and it hurt. I have a mark on my arm
And I don't care because I started getting feedback liek 2 minutes after I posted the video. and I'm really please with it. Maybe I'll be making some more videos that are as perfect as this one.



just something that I just found:

the man: Hi, I'd like to report a flood, please.

My take on BlogTV

You hear the rumours, still, you don't think that'll happen to you. BUT IT DOES. BLOGTV IS FREAKING ADDICTIVE. hem. yeah.I used to think this was stickam all over again, but no, oh noes, it's just better. way better.

Yesterday was just a good day, internet speaking, I discovered luvthecanadian and omg does that girl is amazing or what?. She has a great voice, and has that something that makes you smile. yayaya, I've been watching alot of new youtubers lately, each one as awesome as the last.

Back to the point. I saw that Andrianna has a show in BlogTV and I became all excited about it. And the I saw tony's show was coming up and sat there and was sooo fun :D. I got to dance with the king of the prom: Jabazzy. But I'm not a great dancer, I think I stepped on her feet a couple of times.

So anyways. Long story short: BLOGTV > PORN

pshheeesh, who wants porn when you can have BlogTV :)

And now, Andriana's video: S.N.O. blaaah something something something 


it's time for a blog :D

so yeah, I've been doing a lot of  stuff (NOT) and I just felt like making a blog about it. Woah, I can't believe I'm actually saying that!!, someone loves his bloooog.

ok, so I had a nose surgery on the 4rth of july. Whenever I said I needed a nose surgery, most of the people were like 'omg, that's so superficial' and stuff, but in reality, I NEEDED THAT NOSEJOB. The reason? well, since I have memory (that could be translated like 5 or 6 years ago) I haven't been able to breathe properly, but I thought it was normal. So anyways, I got to the hospital and I was surprisingly calm, I was kinda excited to know what the whole anestesia thing was about, and I just had to breathe some weird gas and I fell asleeeeeeep.... and I remember I dreamed! but I can't remeber why. That's so sad.

today, the doctor said I've been having an awesome recovery, and took away the... hard... thing... covering my nose, whatever. Now I just have some tape on it and in 4 weeks I'll be a good as new. Not that I'm not rigth now, but since they had to actually break my nose it kinda hurts :0

Emily did the nicest thing in a video! look!!

don't look at her hair, she wasn't supposed to make a video that day :P

ok, what else. oh Dinzla! omg! she's like my newest yt addiction! I haven't seen all of her videos yet, maybe tomorrow, but yeah, she's from iceland and the first thing I thought about was 'Björk' mainly because I don't know anything about that country except that it's where bjork was born. Then I went to her blog and her banner made literally 'lol'

How cool is that? I mean, I've always been kinda angry about stereotypes (did I spelled that right?) but she just messed with it!
on other news, my summer list will have to wait a little because of STUPID SURGERY FROM HELL, that doesn't let me leave my house in a couple of weeks.

Now, this has been a decent length post rigth? I lovedit, I shall blog more, I promise!


Fantasy Summer's to-do-list

Title explains it all.

*Learn to fly :D
*Getting rich and spend all that money in stupidities
*Record a full length album
*Direct my own Broadway Musical: 'TURIBUS: The Broadway Musical'
*Win a Tony for that (xDD)
*Develop magic powers
*Move out from my parents
*Make a commercial about the dangers of cholesterol
*Solve the water problems all around the world (because I'm a good boy)


Summer's to-do-list

Now that I'm finally free of school and books and shit for a while, I can blog again! (yaaay). So I'm coming up with an *cough* original idea *cough* which has nothing to do with Sorcy's.


* I want to paint more :D
* Get a job that doesn't take all of my time
* Getting my rhinoplasty *~*
* Start making videos on youtube!
* Figure out what the hell is wrong with my metabolism
* Decide what am I majoring in
* Organize my ipod
* Get my visa *0*
* I want to plant Strawberries :)
* Check out my university
* Excercise my memory
* Convincing my mom to get me a camera

I think that's it for now. I hope I'll update this a little more often.


I don't get it

First of all , I haven't write anything because I'm on vacation. Sue me. I'm the only one who reads this.

One missed call. Ugh! that movie sucks! and everyone in my country is making a HUGE deal out of it, just because Ana Claudia Talancon is in it. It's just... ugh! she doesn't even have the lead role, she dies 30 minutes after the movie starts. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that she's pulling a Salma but... eh... that people get aufully exited about some stupid movie like that, it's annoying, and proves that this country is going to the dogs.

Last week I was Stephen King's IT. DAMN WAS I SCARED OF THAT CLOWN. Tim Curry, you have my respect. So the clowns great, but the movie sucks! I mean, the whole story sucks but I didn't know it was THAT bad. Crappy effects. Crappy performances. Crappy ligths. IT'S CRAP. But I like that movie, not because of THE MOVIE ITSELF, but because I can't believe that such a bad movie could make me feel so afraid of taking a shower.

I JUST FINISHED SUPER MARIO BROS 3!!!!1!!!! OMG!! xD sry, It's just that I've been playing that game (not daily of course) since I was 5. When I sold my SNES that game went as well, but my mother bougth me th gba thing and today I finally finished that game! It's so exiting!

I shall try that! MARK MY WORDS XD


woah, It's been a month already?

This post migth contain a lot of nasty details, read at your own risk.

kay, so I'm quitting my job. yaaaay. Well, not exactly 'yaaaay' since It's going to get harder to get that damn macbook by the end of april, we'll see what happens.
Why am I quitting? oh that's easy! I'm all fucking stressed out!!! grrr, I hate stress, I thougth I had been under stress but I had no effing idea what was I talking about! Last nigth I decided I was going to leave that place (that horrible horrible HORRIBLE place). When I came back home I was feeling really sick. I had been coughing the whole day but until nigth settled down my throat started to ache, and I hate throataches... xD is that a word? well, if it's not I just invented one, happy?. I took a shower and was "fine" for a while, until I went to bed. I caugth a fever! Damn! and to top all that... *drums please*... I've been struggling with diarrhea the whola damn day!!!!. Ugh!. So to sum it all up, since I've been working up to who knows how many hours a day I've been feeling: sleepy, tired, bored, constipated, hungry, dirty, ached and sad.

I think I'll get a job at blockbuster since they pay by hours, who knows I just hope I'll make it in time!! ;__;

Oh and those are not only the reasons I'm quitting! OH NO SIR THERE'S MORE TO COME!
I was beated up by the guys in the kitchen. They weren't fired. I was pissed. A new guy came in, I was supposed to train him but couldn't since I don't have to work on mondays. He does everything wrong, I'm the one who gets blamed. One of the managers is a stupid fatass that keeps nagging me. Another manager is a little retarded. The last manager is kinda cool, but he didn't gave me any kind of welcome.
blah, I'm getting angry


I miss time, I like money

I won around $120 usd last week, which is awesome, but I had to pay up some debts. I realize I have no willpower to keep that money safe, just today I bought a cd. I don't want to spend it, I want my macbook. Good news is that I'll definetely get it by the end of april, which is awesome cuz I'll be able to make my final presentation with it, how cool? (I really should be starting with it).

I miss my free time, my 200000 hours of sleep and my 095703458348 hours on youtube. I really do miss it, but just wait until I get my macbook, my camera and my Ipod. I'll be FREE. FREE FROM THAT HORRIBLE JOB. Actually it's pretty nice, I just hate my manager, cuz he's an ass, and looks like a pokemon. there's another manager who is really awesome. This last week I've been able to apreciate the little free time that I have! I have mondays and wednesdays off, but I have to go the rest of the week until the restaurant closes it's doors. THEN I have to wait a whole hour because I like to get paid everyday, and I have to clean up the station. I got used to it really fast!

Whew, I just hope that I can hold on... I WILL GETTHAT MACBOOK.


I got the job

woah! I can't believe how busy I've been! my feet are hurting like MAD. But I'm happy with that job, I would have liked to be a waiter, but there's so much to learn. SOMEDAY I WILL THOUGH. THe restaurant was sold! I didn't know that until yesterday! jesus, I want to buy my macbook, but if this thing was sold who knows what will happen to my job. Schedules are kinda tight, but that's because the manager is an asswhole (a 'pokemon' acording to some guy at work) and refures to give me only weekends. I only have mondays and wednesdays off.

I made a video! yeah! the 5 tag thing, and it came out pretty well I daresay. I want to make more of this things! but I refuse to do it until I have my macbook, period.

There's nothing much to say... I'm always sleepy. I better buy some RedBull, will that keep me awake at school?




I went to Friday's today and filled an aplication, I miss some papers which I'll go get tomorrow instead of school, then I have to come back for the ACTUAL interview. I HAVE SO MUCH HOMEWORK.

oh dear, this was a waste of post, I'm sorry blog, I won't do this to you again.


I was tagged

DEAR JESUS, I never thought I would be tagged that was a very akward surprise...

Now, about that video. I'll have to use my mom's cam! >8D hehe, because I don't have a webcam, nor a MAC, nor a digital camera of my own so... that's why... yeah. BUT NOT TO WORRY! As I told Eva (the awesome dutch girl who tagged me) I WILL make that video.

I woke up REALLY late, so I was kinda expecting to get scolded or something. But it didn't happen! Instead I won an invitation to have lunch with my family. Where? T.G.I Fridays!.
I love bbq sauce.... So, my mother kept telling me to see the manager to ask for a job, so I did. He was kinda busy but he told me to come back tomorrow at 6. HOPEFULLY I'LL GET THAT JOB! THAT PLACE IS AWESOME!

I went back to my aunt's and watched part of the grammys with my cousin (Amy Winehouse = Song of the Year. Take that Rihanna!). Then came back home and saw that I was tagged. :D haha. Minutes ago, as I was feeling lucky I asked my mother to let me open my headphones. I haven't paint the storage so... xD... I GOT THEM AFTER A WHILE.

aahh. my life is nice.


My wallet was stolen

Well actually I lost it, but I told my parents that it was stolen because it was a gift from my sister and it had ALL OF MY ID'S. If I have stalkers, please, just give me back the wallet, I liked it alot.



A note to hushwink, one of my favorite youtubers!


AH BLEH; it got all pixely and nasty, go HERE and check out a better quality

And if you haven't checked her out, just watch this video to see what I'm talking about:



Yesterday a friend IM me telling me that he needed help with a character (wtf?) and me, being the desinger that I am decided to help him. Well, that and the fact that we've been friends for liek almost 10 years now. So he goes like 'she's a modern samurai with a threatening look'.
WTF! xD I bursted out laughing! I really didn't mean to! but I still don't know where that character is going to end up!

EDIT* In a forum. some kind of creepy anime forum.
I nearly backed out in the last minute, but bleh, I had nothing better to do.

So, first I came up with this sketch:

Then he copied my sketch and did this:

Then today I drew something else:

THEN he was like 'what color d'you think I should use?' and due to the inflence about certain person who I migth blog about later on I replied: 'PURPLE AND BLUE'. He sent me this:

I got scared so I decided to color it for him. This is the FINAL result, and I'm pleased with it, even though it doesn't reflect what I can do.

So, turns out her name is Zayurai, and she's a modern samurai. HA!



so, I've realized how useful this blog thing came to be, I didn't think I wouyld be keeping it for so long. Since I've been writing here I find it easier to remember things without looking for them! how awesome! I found a cure to my premature loss of memory!

so, yeah, I went to check some prices for macbooks and I gotta say they're pretty expensive! but my mama told me I could use her credit card if I have a job, so, that's kinda like a top priority rigth now. Today I went with my mom to return some pants she said they didn't fit. So anyways I told her I wanted to go to mixup to look for a movie. AND I FOUND IT! ONLY $5 MOAHAWHAWHAW ok I'll stop. Dancer in the Dark with Björk.

When we were about to leave the store I found the most beautiful headset there could ever be. but I don't have ANY money so I had to leave there in that cold store to rot...
After a while my mom brought up the subjet 'I want to paint the storage' and told me she would buy the headset if I painted it. and of course I said yes! n__n I'm so happy.

hmm... I'm guessing I'll be painting this weekend...





Yesterday, I thought it was a good idea to see my moms reaction to the phrase 'I want to dye my hair'. BAD IDEA

She started yelling at me! and I was like wtf? trying to remain cool (I did :D). I was all like, 'well, duh, I'm not getting a tattoo or a piercing! and would really love to have one of those as well'.
Then she threatened me to stop giving me money for the week because I'm not using it properly. HA! as if. anyways like I care about the money I'll be taking applications tomorrow if I find some of my photographs.

And today, I wanted to scare her, so I went to her with a hoodie on, not showing my hair and she freaked out! XD she even told me that I culdn't keep living in my house if I dyed it.

You ask me? I think it's menopause. I think I'll post a pic I'll do with photoshop sometime this week.


Blonde or Burnette?

As you may (or may not) know I'm a blonde. Now, that's pretty damn weird around these parts I must say.

Recently (as I grow up handsomer) I hear these kind of comments daily:

-'HEY BLONDIE!' - weird girl in the subway
-'Hello blondie' - Mario, the doorman
-'That'll be $5 Blondie' - A woman in the market
-'C'MON BLONDIE!' - My trainer

to name a few.

So, I've been thinking about dying it to dark brown! I'm fed up with my blonde blondiness and the things it carries... but I do like my hair, so I'm kinda afraid I'm going to lose that color.

I'm going to lose it anyway, I was MUCH blonder when I was a kid.

This is me, today (well, not today, but that's my color)

So, yeah, I think I'm doing it this friday (I just hope I don't chicken out). My dad freaked out when I told him. haha



yeah, so I went to my neighbour (aw shit, did I spelled that allrigth?) and she became all exited about giving me lessons. Even her sister stood on a chair staring at me which was kinda weird but bleh, I want to learn french, no matter what it takes.

SO, I'm supposed so bring my books and notebooks next tuesday, but my books suck ass, I never keep them nicely done and stuff, they're all dirty and doodled. Anyways, I'm really exited because I could tell that she KNOWS french (she lived there for like 17 years) unlike my teacher who knows it, but prefers to speak in spanish.


I don't think I'm going to college...

for now.

yeah, so I've been kinda scared of university I don't know why, nor have I talked about this with someone (I mean I've mentioned to some peoples, but that's it).

Why am I scared? well, firstly, getting into the only free collenge down here is reeeeeaaaaally hard (yes, I'm poor and I have to go to a free college :P. But don't get it wrong, it's actually a very good one!) because everyone wants to be in it. Even rich people. So yeah, since the exam is about everything I don't stand much of a chance rigth now, I failed physics, chem, and math.

Secondly, I don't think I'm ready for college yet. I need to learn how to be responsible and geting used to a shit load of hard work, and get to mature a bit cuz I'm still a kid n__n.

Thirdly, I want a macbook. YES I want one with my entire heart and soul, but my parents absolutely refuse to buy me one so I'll have to buy it myself. The thing about it is that I've never used a Mac in my entire life, and there's the new Macbook Air! but that one doesn't have a cd thingie so I guess I won't get that one.

So,the plan for this year is:
  • Finishing High School!
  • Getting a job
  • Study something like locution or voicing over.
  • Learning a new lenguage. Like french or something
  • er... oh yeah, do a course to pass the exam to college

And that's it.

I'm JC and I'm addicted to the internet

In spite of this post may be turning into an emo-post, I have to get this thing out of my mind.

It's been a while since I've been thinking about this and, it's probably not such a big deal, but I tend to over react about everything. The thing is that few weks ago I discovered that I'm not living the present as I should do. One of the thins I do is that I keep thinking about my future and how is it gonna be like. The bad thing about it is that I'm not even enjoying my present because all I do is think about the future, which gives me as a result bad grades and almost no social life, in spite of what has been written here before. I mean, I do go to parties, I do my homework (sometimes), I go out with my friends, but, from all of my classmates and people that I know, I'm the one that keeps making excuses about it, and I don't go out as much as everyone else does.
With all that time in my hands, I do nothing better that to think of what will it be of me in a few years time, and the rest of that time, I spend it on youtube.

Youtube, has become an addiction, I spend there daily from 3 to 6 hours, instead of doing something productive like, painting, desinging, trying to learn french (a neibourgh told me she would give me free lessons, but I'll move on to that later), etc. I don't know how to figth this addiction, or control it, I've tried setting a time like, 'I'll stop at 9:oo because I have to shower' but then 9:00 comes up and then 9:30 and then 10:00 until eventually someone turns off the modem and tells me to go to bed.

I used to be really smart for some reason, I liked school, I had good grades, I enjoyed getting up early just to go to school, and I had fun inside it, besides classes. Now, I find it really hard to cope with all that work, and things that I'm not interested in, I chosed to take more artsy lessons for my senior year, but even so, I still have to take math and psycology, and I hate those subjects, I hate them with my heart and soul, I can't focus on one class even if I try really hard, nothing seems to stick into my brain like it used to. But even so, I want to finish high school with good grades and stuff, It's just that I find it really hard to concentrate on things that I don't understand, or that I'm not interested in.

I have a whole bunch of ideas for paintings and videos, but there never seems to be time to do them, and I think I know why. It's this computer dammit! Last week whe I was out of power I painted that spongebob, and I enjoyed myself. So, what should I do? throw my computer to the garbage? I don't think so. Shall I learn to live with this addiction? I don't want to. Then, what can I do to improve my quality of life? fight it. How? I have no fucking idea.

I just hope this is just late teen angst or something. *fingers crossed*


The JC Game

Honestly I don't know, but I think I'm getting better at Photoshop n___n though, you can still se that is clearly a photoshop because there are some weird spots on the screens and those are from the DS's menu.

1 guy fell for it though!


A Bithday Present

Check out this piece of awesomeness that I made for a friend.

I used ink and watercolors. And some nice candle light because my power was out x'D

SIDENOTE: Don't be like Spongebob kids, don't do drugs

And if you haven't seen that character on YouTube, here it is:

About what happened yesterday

Yesterday something really really weird happened, not just to me, but to the whole city!

I was trying to get this presentation done, when it happened... *weird terror music*
As I was typing I noticed that there was a lot of wind (I notice that because if my back door is open my bathroom lights slam against the celing, I don't know why). So anyways, I went to the door with all the intention to close it and then I noticed... IT WAS CLOSED DUM DUM DUM!!!

It turned out to be a wind storm! hehe I don't know if that even exist, but yesterday sure looked like one. More than 3/4 of the city lost power, I only recovered mine this morning. 4 people died, around 30 trees fell, 2 gigantic ads fell, 57 car accidents.

I honestly felt like I was going to drift out to Oz at any moment

New Layout!

U like? I loved it! I made the banner today in class haha, what a way to waste class!


School, Parties and YouTube Partnership

See? I knew that I would keep this thing going on daily, and the worst part is that I've thought about making entries about random stuff. Probably because I've been really busy with school and parties... hehehehe.

Lask week was insane, I came back to school and all the teachers were really tired and gave us a lot of work, so they could just chill out in the desk, but on the other hand, I did terribly last term, so I really really need to keep up with that load of work ;__;. I had to do a presentation about }Da Vinci, for my history of art class, and I was looking forward to it, because I already had this huge folder with info and pics, so the talking part was going to be a piece of cake. The thing I was looking forward on it was that I was planing to make a video of me talking to the mona lisa, but the funny part is that she would be a total bitch (think of britney talking). Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a mic, so the making had to wait for like 1 day before the actual presentation, when I managed to borrow a mic from a teacher, but then my mother rented a movie and she wanted me to watch it, and my siter (who was gonna play the mona lisa) came back from work really exausted. Anyways it came out pretty well I must say.

Yesterday I had a par-tay! wohoo, I haven't been in one in ages, whew. So, I was supposed to go to my cousin's birthday party (the thing turned six!), and I was planning that It would start around 4ish, but turned out it didn't. It started at "6:30" (actually my aunt arrived at 7:45) but I couldn't stay because I had to be at my friends at 8:30. Long story short, I got to my friends at 8:45 and then off to the party. It was really cool, there was a karaoke machine, and not too many people, so it was all good. The only thing I didn't liked was that... ummm... we had a guy last year in our school that was gay (REALLY GAY), and I don't have problems with that, it's just that this guy was too posessive with the people that I know, so I didn't want to be around him that much. Anyways, he was at the party... or should I say, she was at the pary?

He (she?) was wearing a dress, high heels, and blue wig. When I saw him I was kinda like smiling but with a clear expression that said "OMG!". Again, I don't have a problem with that (even though I would prefer not to be around drag queens that much...), but at least he should have chosen something less... flashy you know?. Even the waiters where like... angry because he was in diva mode, and kept snapping his fingers to them and... ugh. Noone deserves to be treated like that, no matter their work, social position, orientation, education, religion or whatevah.

So, it was all good, we had a contest (hosted by none other that my blue haired friend) and I won a bottle of Vodka! xD. And turns out I don't sing that bad. Mind me, I do think I sing terribly, but yesterday I won the karaoke contest and everyone told me I singed nice. So now I know I can be "hearable" when I'm under pressure haha. Next week I have another partyyyy, so I'll bring the booze!!.

Today, as I was wandering around my daily dose of YouTube, I came to this question "what does it take to become a partner?". Honestly speaking, I don't want to become a partner to be paid, I just want one of those banners and getting to know more people. Now, I have like 16 subs, and all (or most of) my videos have copyrigthted material. I normally don't make videos for the world, I make them for my friend because I like them I we had fun filming and such, so that's why I don't expect people to watch them. Anyways, I'm drifting out. I found a form to become a youtube partner and it said something like, 'only create original content' FAILED, 'own the copyrigth' FAILED FAILED, 'have thousands of subscribers' FAILED FAILED FAILED, 'only live on U.S or Canada' FAI... wait, WHAT?. That's rigth! they're denying the entry to the rest of the world! I was a little offended but I realize I always make big deal out of nothing, so I thought about it. Maybe you have to live there so you can get the deposits on your account. But then I thought about Paperlilies (one of my fav youtuberz). She lives in London!, that's a whole other continent!, how come she can be a partner and not the rest of the world?

Hmmm... nasty buissness this youtube thing..

kay, peace out.

edit- Wow, this came up to be a huge blog


The Lion King

I'm going to see The lion King Musical!!!!! xD ok, maybe I overdid it, but I don't care, it's my blog and I'll post whatever the heck I want :D.

So, here's the story: The Lion King Cheetah Tour (or something) came to my country, now, that's a BIG this, because theatre here is serioulsy fucked up. So, when I first heard this, I didn't know that it was the same as in broadway, I remember thinking like "wtf, another musical in spanish, pffffft". So I didn't save up money for it. But, THEN I found out it was the original version and I was like 'fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck' because the front row tickets are worth $150 usd.

The only amount I managed to raise is $18, and that's at the very last row of the auditorium.

Then my cousin and my aunt went to see it (front row of course) and they were all like 'woah! you gotta see it!, but you won't see anything all the way up there', and I was kinda like well I don care... duuuh. Then my other cousin and I were talking and said that he wanted to go see it too, so I offered him to come with me. After a few days of him being kinda like in a ' I don't want to be up there' mood, he told me to saise up to $30 and he would pay the rest to go one floor below (that's why I cleaned the storage).

So, today we went to get the tickets, but when I got to his house he was like "I don't know if you'll want this offer, but I can get tickets of $75, and you would pay me taping my gigs'. And I was so happy! cause that's just behind the $150 tickets! and of the bottom floor! I'm so exited! I have the best cousin EVAAAAAH. oh, and here's a pic of the tickets:


It's fucking freezing!

jesus, I can't bgelieve it's so cold! it's already 6:45 pm and the temperature keeps going down and down, and down. And yeah, it may be winter but it wasn't this cold last year, or the one before. I'm just thankful that it's not snowing.

The funny thing about living in the second biggest city in the world is that you get to see really weird people. Like today for instance: I was coming back home from school and I had to take the subway, bad enough luck, the train was aready in the station when I got there, so I couldn't get a seat, and when that happens I like to stay close to the doors because sometimes I can't get out (bohoo). Anyways, about 2 stations away from my house, I saw this really really old man, that was either high or drunk. He was kinda laughing to himself looking at the infinity, until a woman, prob in her mid 30's walked past him. He totally cheked her out!!!! and I was trying really hard not to bust out laughing. But the creepy thing doesn't end there, that was nothing. As the womas passed him, he gave this really loud cackle and started scratching his balls (well, there was more than scratching if you know what I mean). After that, you know you have seen almost everything.


So, this is a blog!

I've decided to create a blog, why? honestly I have no idea. I'm guessing it's one of my "I gotta have this" things, lets's see how much time it takes to die out. I'm not feeling the colors, but it's staying because I'm not feeling like customizing it, it would take me hours.

So today, I was in the storage, cuz my mother said that she was gonna pay me if I cleaned it up (she hasn't paid up yet...) and I realized that my parents keep a bunch of crap! like really old portraits of people which they never met, but somehow they refuse to take them out. Also, thousands of baskets (how many baskets could a middle class family need?, apparently thousands), boxes of pictures, clothes, an old book case, vintage vinil records and as odd as it sounds: a punching bag. How was I supposed to clean up the place if I had all those things ???

After a while (and a bunch of calls to my parents) I was finally done. It's not as clean as my mother wants it, but it's the best I could do, if they want me to clean it up again, I'll happily do it, but they seriously have to get rid of many many things. I actually had fun doing it, I was up there for like 4-5 hours but I wasn't tired or anything, maybe because all my childhood memories kept under 5 tons of books and bottles of wine.

I found this awesome painting that I HAD to put in my room. It's like a forest thingie with this awesome tree and a small red guy behind a lake. It's awesome!!!!!!!!!1!!

kay, so, I have to shower so I'm gonna go now. peace