Blonde or Burnette?

As you may (or may not) know I'm a blonde. Now, that's pretty damn weird around these parts I must say.

Recently (as I grow up handsomer) I hear these kind of comments daily:

-'HEY BLONDIE!' - weird girl in the subway
-'Hello blondie' - Mario, the doorman
-'That'll be $5 Blondie' - A woman in the market
-'C'MON BLONDIE!' - My trainer

to name a few.

So, I've been thinking about dying it to dark brown! I'm fed up with my blonde blondiness and the things it carries... but I do like my hair, so I'm kinda afraid I'm going to lose that color.

I'm going to lose it anyway, I was MUCH blonder when I was a kid.

This is me, today (well, not today, but that's my color)

So, yeah, I think I'm doing it this friday (I just hope I don't chicken out). My dad freaked out when I told him. haha



yeah, so I went to my neighbour (aw shit, did I spelled that allrigth?) and she became all exited about giving me lessons. Even her sister stood on a chair staring at me which was kinda weird but bleh, I want to learn french, no matter what it takes.

SO, I'm supposed so bring my books and notebooks next tuesday, but my books suck ass, I never keep them nicely done and stuff, they're all dirty and doodled. Anyways, I'm really exited because I could tell that she KNOWS french (she lived there for like 17 years) unlike my teacher who knows it, but prefers to speak in spanish.


I don't think I'm going to college...

for now.

yeah, so I've been kinda scared of university I don't know why, nor have I talked about this with someone (I mean I've mentioned to some peoples, but that's it).

Why am I scared? well, firstly, getting into the only free collenge down here is reeeeeaaaaally hard (yes, I'm poor and I have to go to a free college :P. But don't get it wrong, it's actually a very good one!) because everyone wants to be in it. Even rich people. So yeah, since the exam is about everything I don't stand much of a chance rigth now, I failed physics, chem, and math.

Secondly, I don't think I'm ready for college yet. I need to learn how to be responsible and geting used to a shit load of hard work, and get to mature a bit cuz I'm still a kid n__n.

Thirdly, I want a macbook. YES I want one with my entire heart and soul, but my parents absolutely refuse to buy me one so I'll have to buy it myself. The thing about it is that I've never used a Mac in my entire life, and there's the new Macbook Air! but that one doesn't have a cd thingie so I guess I won't get that one.

So,the plan for this year is:
  • Finishing High School!
  • Getting a job
  • Study something like locution or voicing over.
  • Learning a new lenguage. Like french or something
  • er... oh yeah, do a course to pass the exam to college

And that's it.

I'm JC and I'm addicted to the internet

In spite of this post may be turning into an emo-post, I have to get this thing out of my mind.

It's been a while since I've been thinking about this and, it's probably not such a big deal, but I tend to over react about everything. The thing is that few weks ago I discovered that I'm not living the present as I should do. One of the thins I do is that I keep thinking about my future and how is it gonna be like. The bad thing about it is that I'm not even enjoying my present because all I do is think about the future, which gives me as a result bad grades and almost no social life, in spite of what has been written here before. I mean, I do go to parties, I do my homework (sometimes), I go out with my friends, but, from all of my classmates and people that I know, I'm the one that keeps making excuses about it, and I don't go out as much as everyone else does.
With all that time in my hands, I do nothing better that to think of what will it be of me in a few years time, and the rest of that time, I spend it on youtube.

Youtube, has become an addiction, I spend there daily from 3 to 6 hours, instead of doing something productive like, painting, desinging, trying to learn french (a neibourgh told me she would give me free lessons, but I'll move on to that later), etc. I don't know how to figth this addiction, or control it, I've tried setting a time like, 'I'll stop at 9:oo because I have to shower' but then 9:00 comes up and then 9:30 and then 10:00 until eventually someone turns off the modem and tells me to go to bed.

I used to be really smart for some reason, I liked school, I had good grades, I enjoyed getting up early just to go to school, and I had fun inside it, besides classes. Now, I find it really hard to cope with all that work, and things that I'm not interested in, I chosed to take more artsy lessons for my senior year, but even so, I still have to take math and psycology, and I hate those subjects, I hate them with my heart and soul, I can't focus on one class even if I try really hard, nothing seems to stick into my brain like it used to. But even so, I want to finish high school with good grades and stuff, It's just that I find it really hard to concentrate on things that I don't understand, or that I'm not interested in.

I have a whole bunch of ideas for paintings and videos, but there never seems to be time to do them, and I think I know why. It's this computer dammit! Last week whe I was out of power I painted that spongebob, and I enjoyed myself. So, what should I do? throw my computer to the garbage? I don't think so. Shall I learn to live with this addiction? I don't want to. Then, what can I do to improve my quality of life? fight it. How? I have no fucking idea.

I just hope this is just late teen angst or something. *fingers crossed*


The JC Game

Honestly I don't know, but I think I'm getting better at Photoshop n___n though, you can still se that is clearly a photoshop because there are some weird spots on the screens and those are from the DS's menu.

1 guy fell for it though!


A Bithday Present

Check out this piece of awesomeness that I made for a friend.

I used ink and watercolors. And some nice candle light because my power was out x'D

SIDENOTE: Don't be like Spongebob kids, don't do drugs

And if you haven't seen that character on YouTube, here it is:

About what happened yesterday

Yesterday something really really weird happened, not just to me, but to the whole city!

I was trying to get this presentation done, when it happened... *weird terror music*
As I was typing I noticed that there was a lot of wind (I notice that because if my back door is open my bathroom lights slam against the celing, I don't know why). So anyways, I went to the door with all the intention to close it and then I noticed... IT WAS CLOSED DUM DUM DUM!!!

It turned out to be a wind storm! hehe I don't know if that even exist, but yesterday sure looked like one. More than 3/4 of the city lost power, I only recovered mine this morning. 4 people died, around 30 trees fell, 2 gigantic ads fell, 57 car accidents.

I honestly felt like I was going to drift out to Oz at any moment

New Layout!

U like? I loved it! I made the banner today in class haha, what a way to waste class!


School, Parties and YouTube Partnership

See? I knew that I would keep this thing going on daily, and the worst part is that I've thought about making entries about random stuff. Probably because I've been really busy with school and parties... hehehehe.

Lask week was insane, I came back to school and all the teachers were really tired and gave us a lot of work, so they could just chill out in the desk, but on the other hand, I did terribly last term, so I really really need to keep up with that load of work ;__;. I had to do a presentation about }Da Vinci, for my history of art class, and I was looking forward to it, because I already had this huge folder with info and pics, so the talking part was going to be a piece of cake. The thing I was looking forward on it was that I was planing to make a video of me talking to the mona lisa, but the funny part is that she would be a total bitch (think of britney talking). Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a mic, so the making had to wait for like 1 day before the actual presentation, when I managed to borrow a mic from a teacher, but then my mother rented a movie and she wanted me to watch it, and my siter (who was gonna play the mona lisa) came back from work really exausted. Anyways it came out pretty well I must say.

Yesterday I had a par-tay! wohoo, I haven't been in one in ages, whew. So, I was supposed to go to my cousin's birthday party (the thing turned six!), and I was planning that It would start around 4ish, but turned out it didn't. It started at "6:30" (actually my aunt arrived at 7:45) but I couldn't stay because I had to be at my friends at 8:30. Long story short, I got to my friends at 8:45 and then off to the party. It was really cool, there was a karaoke machine, and not too many people, so it was all good. The only thing I didn't liked was that... ummm... we had a guy last year in our school that was gay (REALLY GAY), and I don't have problems with that, it's just that this guy was too posessive with the people that I know, so I didn't want to be around him that much. Anyways, he was at the party... or should I say, she was at the pary?

He (she?) was wearing a dress, high heels, and blue wig. When I saw him I was kinda like smiling but with a clear expression that said "OMG!". Again, I don't have a problem with that (even though I would prefer not to be around drag queens that much...), but at least he should have chosen something less... flashy you know?. Even the waiters where like... angry because he was in diva mode, and kept snapping his fingers to them and... ugh. Noone deserves to be treated like that, no matter their work, social position, orientation, education, religion or whatevah.

So, it was all good, we had a contest (hosted by none other that my blue haired friend) and I won a bottle of Vodka! xD. And turns out I don't sing that bad. Mind me, I do think I sing terribly, but yesterday I won the karaoke contest and everyone told me I singed nice. So now I know I can be "hearable" when I'm under pressure haha. Next week I have another partyyyy, so I'll bring the booze!!.

Today, as I was wandering around my daily dose of YouTube, I came to this question "what does it take to become a partner?". Honestly speaking, I don't want to become a partner to be paid, I just want one of those banners and getting to know more people. Now, I have like 16 subs, and all (or most of) my videos have copyrigthted material. I normally don't make videos for the world, I make them for my friend because I like them I we had fun filming and such, so that's why I don't expect people to watch them. Anyways, I'm drifting out. I found a form to become a youtube partner and it said something like, 'only create original content' FAILED, 'own the copyrigth' FAILED FAILED, 'have thousands of subscribers' FAILED FAILED FAILED, 'only live on U.S or Canada' FAI... wait, WHAT?. That's rigth! they're denying the entry to the rest of the world! I was a little offended but I realize I always make big deal out of nothing, so I thought about it. Maybe you have to live there so you can get the deposits on your account. But then I thought about Paperlilies (one of my fav youtuberz). She lives in London!, that's a whole other continent!, how come she can be a partner and not the rest of the world?

Hmmm... nasty buissness this youtube thing..

kay, peace out.

edit- Wow, this came up to be a huge blog


The Lion King

I'm going to see The lion King Musical!!!!! xD ok, maybe I overdid it, but I don't care, it's my blog and I'll post whatever the heck I want :D.

So, here's the story: The Lion King Cheetah Tour (or something) came to my country, now, that's a BIG this, because theatre here is serioulsy fucked up. So, when I first heard this, I didn't know that it was the same as in broadway, I remember thinking like "wtf, another musical in spanish, pffffft". So I didn't save up money for it. But, THEN I found out it was the original version and I was like 'fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck' because the front row tickets are worth $150 usd.

The only amount I managed to raise is $18, and that's at the very last row of the auditorium.

Then my cousin and my aunt went to see it (front row of course) and they were all like 'woah! you gotta see it!, but you won't see anything all the way up there', and I was kinda like well I don care... duuuh. Then my other cousin and I were talking and said that he wanted to go see it too, so I offered him to come with me. After a few days of him being kinda like in a ' I don't want to be up there' mood, he told me to saise up to $30 and he would pay the rest to go one floor below (that's why I cleaned the storage).

So, today we went to get the tickets, but when I got to his house he was like "I don't know if you'll want this offer, but I can get tickets of $75, and you would pay me taping my gigs'. And I was so happy! cause that's just behind the $150 tickets! and of the bottom floor! I'm so exited! I have the best cousin EVAAAAAH. oh, and here's a pic of the tickets:


It's fucking freezing!

jesus, I can't bgelieve it's so cold! it's already 6:45 pm and the temperature keeps going down and down, and down. And yeah, it may be winter but it wasn't this cold last year, or the one before. I'm just thankful that it's not snowing.

The funny thing about living in the second biggest city in the world is that you get to see really weird people. Like today for instance: I was coming back home from school and I had to take the subway, bad enough luck, the train was aready in the station when I got there, so I couldn't get a seat, and when that happens I like to stay close to the doors because sometimes I can't get out (bohoo). Anyways, about 2 stations away from my house, I saw this really really old man, that was either high or drunk. He was kinda laughing to himself looking at the infinity, until a woman, prob in her mid 30's walked past him. He totally cheked her out!!!! and I was trying really hard not to bust out laughing. But the creepy thing doesn't end there, that was nothing. As the womas passed him, he gave this really loud cackle and started scratching his balls (well, there was more than scratching if you know what I mean). After that, you know you have seen almost everything.


So, this is a blog!

I've decided to create a blog, why? honestly I have no idea. I'm guessing it's one of my "I gotta have this" things, lets's see how much time it takes to die out. I'm not feeling the colors, but it's staying because I'm not feeling like customizing it, it would take me hours.

So today, I was in the storage, cuz my mother said that she was gonna pay me if I cleaned it up (she hasn't paid up yet...) and I realized that my parents keep a bunch of crap! like really old portraits of people which they never met, but somehow they refuse to take them out. Also, thousands of baskets (how many baskets could a middle class family need?, apparently thousands), boxes of pictures, clothes, an old book case, vintage vinil records and as odd as it sounds: a punching bag. How was I supposed to clean up the place if I had all those things ???

After a while (and a bunch of calls to my parents) I was finally done. It's not as clean as my mother wants it, but it's the best I could do, if they want me to clean it up again, I'll happily do it, but they seriously have to get rid of many many things. I actually had fun doing it, I was up there for like 4-5 hours but I wasn't tired or anything, maybe because all my childhood memories kept under 5 tons of books and bottles of wine.

I found this awesome painting that I HAD to put in my room. It's like a forest thingie with this awesome tree and a small red guy behind a lake. It's awesome!!!!!!!!!1!!

kay, so, I have to shower so I'm gonna go now. peace