I miss time, I like money

I won around $120 usd last week, which is awesome, but I had to pay up some debts. I realize I have no willpower to keep that money safe, just today I bought a cd. I don't want to spend it, I want my macbook. Good news is that I'll definetely get it by the end of april, which is awesome cuz I'll be able to make my final presentation with it, how cool? (I really should be starting with it).

I miss my free time, my 200000 hours of sleep and my 095703458348 hours on youtube. I really do miss it, but just wait until I get my macbook, my camera and my Ipod. I'll be FREE. FREE FROM THAT HORRIBLE JOB. Actually it's pretty nice, I just hate my manager, cuz he's an ass, and looks like a pokemon. there's another manager who is really awesome. This last week I've been able to apreciate the little free time that I have! I have mondays and wednesdays off, but I have to go the rest of the week until the restaurant closes it's doors. THEN I have to wait a whole hour because I like to get paid everyday, and I have to clean up the station. I got used to it really fast!

Whew, I just hope that I can hold on... I WILL GETTHAT MACBOOK.


I got the job

woah! I can't believe how busy I've been! my feet are hurting like MAD. But I'm happy with that job, I would have liked to be a waiter, but there's so much to learn. SOMEDAY I WILL THOUGH. THe restaurant was sold! I didn't know that until yesterday! jesus, I want to buy my macbook, but if this thing was sold who knows what will happen to my job. Schedules are kinda tight, but that's because the manager is an asswhole (a 'pokemon' acording to some guy at work) and refures to give me only weekends. I only have mondays and wednesdays off.

I made a video! yeah! the 5 tag thing, and it came out pretty well I daresay. I want to make more of this things! but I refuse to do it until I have my macbook, period.

There's nothing much to say... I'm always sleepy. I better buy some RedBull, will that keep me awake at school?




I went to Friday's today and filled an aplication, I miss some papers which I'll go get tomorrow instead of school, then I have to come back for the ACTUAL interview. I HAVE SO MUCH HOMEWORK.

oh dear, this was a waste of post, I'm sorry blog, I won't do this to you again.


I was tagged

DEAR JESUS, I never thought I would be tagged that was a very akward surprise...

Now, about that video. I'll have to use my mom's cam! >8D hehe, because I don't have a webcam, nor a MAC, nor a digital camera of my own so... that's why... yeah. BUT NOT TO WORRY! As I told Eva (the awesome dutch girl who tagged me) I WILL make that video.

I woke up REALLY late, so I was kinda expecting to get scolded or something. But it didn't happen! Instead I won an invitation to have lunch with my family. Where? T.G.I Fridays!.
I love bbq sauce.... So, my mother kept telling me to see the manager to ask for a job, so I did. He was kinda busy but he told me to come back tomorrow at 6. HOPEFULLY I'LL GET THAT JOB! THAT PLACE IS AWESOME!

I went back to my aunt's and watched part of the grammys with my cousin (Amy Winehouse = Song of the Year. Take that Rihanna!). Then came back home and saw that I was tagged. :D haha. Minutes ago, as I was feeling lucky I asked my mother to let me open my headphones. I haven't paint the storage so... xD... I GOT THEM AFTER A WHILE.

aahh. my life is nice.


My wallet was stolen

Well actually I lost it, but I told my parents that it was stolen because it was a gift from my sister and it had ALL OF MY ID'S. If I have stalkers, please, just give me back the wallet, I liked it alot.



A note to hushwink, one of my favorite youtubers!


AH BLEH; it got all pixely and nasty, go HERE and check out a better quality

And if you haven't checked her out, just watch this video to see what I'm talking about:



Yesterday a friend IM me telling me that he needed help with a character (wtf?) and me, being the desinger that I am decided to help him. Well, that and the fact that we've been friends for liek almost 10 years now. So he goes like 'she's a modern samurai with a threatening look'.
WTF! xD I bursted out laughing! I really didn't mean to! but I still don't know where that character is going to end up!

EDIT* In a forum. some kind of creepy anime forum.
I nearly backed out in the last minute, but bleh, I had nothing better to do.

So, first I came up with this sketch:

Then he copied my sketch and did this:

Then today I drew something else:

THEN he was like 'what color d'you think I should use?' and due to the inflence about certain person who I migth blog about later on I replied: 'PURPLE AND BLUE'. He sent me this:

I got scared so I decided to color it for him. This is the FINAL result, and I'm pleased with it, even though it doesn't reflect what I can do.

So, turns out her name is Zayurai, and she's a modern samurai. HA!



so, I've realized how useful this blog thing came to be, I didn't think I wouyld be keeping it for so long. Since I've been writing here I find it easier to remember things without looking for them! how awesome! I found a cure to my premature loss of memory!

so, yeah, I went to check some prices for macbooks and I gotta say they're pretty expensive! but my mama told me I could use her credit card if I have a job, so, that's kinda like a top priority rigth now. Today I went with my mom to return some pants she said they didn't fit. So anyways I told her I wanted to go to mixup to look for a movie. AND I FOUND IT! ONLY $5 MOAHAWHAWHAW ok I'll stop. Dancer in the Dark with Björk.

When we were about to leave the store I found the most beautiful headset there could ever be. but I don't have ANY money so I had to leave there in that cold store to rot...
After a while my mom brought up the subjet 'I want to paint the storage' and told me she would buy the headset if I painted it. and of course I said yes! n__n I'm so happy.

hmm... I'm guessing I'll be painting this weekend...





Yesterday, I thought it was a good idea to see my moms reaction to the phrase 'I want to dye my hair'. BAD IDEA

She started yelling at me! and I was like wtf? trying to remain cool (I did :D). I was all like, 'well, duh, I'm not getting a tattoo or a piercing! and would really love to have one of those as well'.
Then she threatened me to stop giving me money for the week because I'm not using it properly. HA! as if. anyways like I care about the money I'll be taking applications tomorrow if I find some of my photographs.

And today, I wanted to scare her, so I went to her with a hoodie on, not showing my hair and she freaked out! XD she even told me that I culdn't keep living in my house if I dyed it.

You ask me? I think it's menopause. I think I'll post a pic I'll do with photoshop sometime this week.