I don't get it

First of all , I haven't write anything because I'm on vacation. Sue me. I'm the only one who reads this.

One missed call. Ugh! that movie sucks! and everyone in my country is making a HUGE deal out of it, just because Ana Claudia Talancon is in it. It's just... ugh! she doesn't even have the lead role, she dies 30 minutes after the movie starts. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that she's pulling a Salma but... eh... that people get aufully exited about some stupid movie like that, it's annoying, and proves that this country is going to the dogs.

Last week I was Stephen King's IT. DAMN WAS I SCARED OF THAT CLOWN. Tim Curry, you have my respect. So the clowns great, but the movie sucks! I mean, the whole story sucks but I didn't know it was THAT bad. Crappy effects. Crappy performances. Crappy ligths. IT'S CRAP. But I like that movie, not because of THE MOVIE ITSELF, but because I can't believe that such a bad movie could make me feel so afraid of taking a shower.

I JUST FINISHED SUPER MARIO BROS 3!!!!1!!!! OMG!! xD sry, It's just that I've been playing that game (not daily of course) since I was 5. When I sold my SNES that game went as well, but my mother bougth me th gba thing and today I finally finished that game! It's so exiting!

I shall try that! MARK MY WORDS XD


woah, It's been a month already?

This post migth contain a lot of nasty details, read at your own risk.

kay, so I'm quitting my job. yaaaay. Well, not exactly 'yaaaay' since It's going to get harder to get that damn macbook by the end of april, we'll see what happens.
Why am I quitting? oh that's easy! I'm all fucking stressed out!!! grrr, I hate stress, I thougth I had been under stress but I had no effing idea what was I talking about! Last nigth I decided I was going to leave that place (that horrible horrible HORRIBLE place). When I came back home I was feeling really sick. I had been coughing the whole day but until nigth settled down my throat started to ache, and I hate throataches... xD is that a word? well, if it's not I just invented one, happy?. I took a shower and was "fine" for a while, until I went to bed. I caugth a fever! Damn! and to top all that... *drums please*... I've been struggling with diarrhea the whola damn day!!!!. Ugh!. So to sum it all up, since I've been working up to who knows how many hours a day I've been feeling: sleepy, tired, bored, constipated, hungry, dirty, ached and sad.

I think I'll get a job at blockbuster since they pay by hours, who knows I just hope I'll make it in time!! ;__;

Oh and those are not only the reasons I'm quitting! OH NO SIR THERE'S MORE TO COME!
I was beated up by the guys in the kitchen. They weren't fired. I was pissed. A new guy came in, I was supposed to train him but couldn't since I don't have to work on mondays. He does everything wrong, I'm the one who gets blamed. One of the managers is a stupid fatass that keeps nagging me. Another manager is a little retarded. The last manager is kinda cool, but he didn't gave me any kind of welcome.
blah, I'm getting angry