A Blog About My Ipod

Ok, so many people have told me that my ipod must be crazy, mainly because of the songs I have there. And it's true, I have a very diverse music taste. I know how to recognize good music ans stuff. But I'm also a criminal for listening to catchy poppy songs, or anyting commercial.

So I decided I'm going to separate the artists in some categories in this blog because I want to blog, but I don't know what about. :D

Artists I'm proud of being in my ipod:
*Anna Nalick
*Christina Aguilera
*Daft Punk
*Death Cab For Cutie
*Led Zeppelin
*Nine Inch Nails
*Regina Spektor
*The Sugarcubes
*The Bravery
*The Hives
*The Strokes
*Spice Girls (yes, I like them. Very much)

I'm sure there's more. Now, the fun part starts here, where I shall name artist that embarass me and my ipod, but they have a 1 hit wonder (in my mind).
*Amy Adams (Jesus...)
*Ashlee Simpson
*Avril Lavigne
*Black Eyed Peas
*Britney Spears
*Brittany Murphy (what have I done)
*Celine Dion
*Charo (lol)
*Destiny's Child
*Gwen Stefani
*Hannah Montana (How exactly did I get one of her songs?)
*JC Chasez
*Josie & The Pussycats (wtf???)
*Justin Timberlake
*Lil' Mama
*Lindsay Lohan
*Nicole Kidman (again, wtf???)
*The Pipettes  (PULL SHAPES)
*30 Seconds to Mars
*50 Cent

And for a final category, the 'how the f*ck did this get here', featuring the talents of:
(click them for a yt vid!)

So yeah, that's about it. But if you think you've seen all of my ipod YOU'RE TERRIBLY WRONG. I've only posted like 30% of it.


My Balloon Friend (Behind the Scenes)

Couple days ago, (nights that is) I was trying to fall asleeeep when suddenly something stuck into my head. A nice balloon named Becky. As soon I saw her pretty face I came up with a video idea, it took me 10 seconds to get out of bed turn on the lights and sketch Becky and a concept.

I had to wait until today to record it because all the tape I had on my face was starting to come off, and I had to go to the doctor (TO DISCOVER THAT I'LL HAVE NEW TAPE ON MY FACE FOR 2 MORE WEEKS), and blaaah blaaah, blaaah. I've never had so much fun doing a video. It just felt right. until I started editing with my brand new sony vegas 5 that I don't know how to use. AAAANYWAYS. I even swallowed my gum while recording... but that didn't matter! :D

I ended up saving a HUUGE file and importing it to movie maker. Here's the video:

So while I used a pin to busrt the balloon and it hurt. I have a mark on my arm
And I don't care because I started getting feedback liek 2 minutes after I posted the video. and I'm really please with it. Maybe I'll be making some more videos that are as perfect as this one.



just something that I just found:

the man: Hi, I'd like to report a flood, please.

My take on BlogTV

You hear the rumours, still, you don't think that'll happen to you. BUT IT DOES. BLOGTV IS FREAKING ADDICTIVE. hem. yeah.I used to think this was stickam all over again, but no, oh noes, it's just better. way better.

Yesterday was just a good day, internet speaking, I discovered luvthecanadian and omg does that girl is amazing or what?. She has a great voice, and has that something that makes you smile. yayaya, I've been watching alot of new youtubers lately, each one as awesome as the last.

Back to the point. I saw that Andrianna has a show in BlogTV and I became all excited about it. And the I saw tony's show was coming up and sat there and was sooo fun :D. I got to dance with the king of the prom: Jabazzy. But I'm not a great dancer, I think I stepped on her feet a couple of times.

So anyways. Long story short: BLOGTV > PORN

pshheeesh, who wants porn when you can have BlogTV :)

And now, Andriana's video: S.N.O. blaaah something something something 


it's time for a blog :D

so yeah, I've been doing a lot of  stuff (NOT) and I just felt like making a blog about it. Woah, I can't believe I'm actually saying that!!, someone loves his bloooog.

ok, so I had a nose surgery on the 4rth of july. Whenever I said I needed a nose surgery, most of the people were like 'omg, that's so superficial' and stuff, but in reality, I NEEDED THAT NOSEJOB. The reason? well, since I have memory (that could be translated like 5 or 6 years ago) I haven't been able to breathe properly, but I thought it was normal. So anyways, I got to the hospital and I was surprisingly calm, I was kinda excited to know what the whole anestesia thing was about, and I just had to breathe some weird gas and I fell asleeeeeeep.... and I remember I dreamed! but I can't remeber why. That's so sad.

today, the doctor said I've been having an awesome recovery, and took away the... hard... thing... covering my nose, whatever. Now I just have some tape on it and in 4 weeks I'll be a good as new. Not that I'm not rigth now, but since they had to actually break my nose it kinda hurts :0

Emily did the nicest thing in a video! look!!

don't look at her hair, she wasn't supposed to make a video that day :P

ok, what else. oh Dinzla! omg! she's like my newest yt addiction! I haven't seen all of her videos yet, maybe tomorrow, but yeah, she's from iceland and the first thing I thought about was 'Björk' mainly because I don't know anything about that country except that it's where bjork was born. Then I went to her blog and her banner made literally 'lol'

How cool is that? I mean, I've always been kinda angry about stereotypes (did I spelled that right?) but she just messed with it!
on other news, my summer list will have to wait a little because of STUPID SURGERY FROM HELL, that doesn't let me leave my house in a couple of weeks.

Now, this has been a decent length post rigth? I lovedit, I shall blog more, I promise!