Bleh: a miserable post by JC.

Good Afternoon Blog, how have you been? Hope you're well, because I'm certainly not.

Lemme explain it to you:

As you may know, I've been trying to get a job for like 2 months now, and I finally got it and it's just ok. I work in a blockbuster now, and again I feel like I don't belong there. Bleh, maybe it's just me, but I feel like I can earn more by doing less. I wok for 8 and a half hours with a 30 minute break, which btw, can't happen if the manager in charge decides it.

I used to work informing about pre-sales and helping people find their movies, and I actually liked it, but nooooooo, they had to make me a cashier. I should also mention that I barely know how to use those computers, so I'm always asking for help, and if I don't mention special sales to costumers, they get free rents and I get yelled at. I hate it I trully hate it! for a person like me who is kinda shy, to be handling money... it's just too much pressure on my poor little being. And to top it all I think that only one of the 10 people in the store like me. Not that I care about that really, but it's not nice to see scowls everywhere I go.

I want an office job. I know some people say they suck, but really, how bad can it be? I really don't like to be standing up THE WHOLE 8 HOURS. I want to have internet access because I'm addicted to it, and I feel that something's missing when I'm not online.

This job isn't really what I was expecting, I knew about the whole can't sit thing, but I thought I would get proper training this time, and the worst thing is that I can't quit! I can't!!! because otherwise I would have to pay for the uniforms and $45 that I didn't asked for in the first place. ugh UUUGH. I have to wait like 3 months to quit and get a decent check...

What really keeps me going is the prospect of a macbook. I want one, I've wanted one since last year. And there are new macbooks coming soon!! *excited*

Maybe it will get better in time, who knows, rigth now, I'm going to ask them to remove me from being a cashier abd do something more passive, like you know, organizing the movies and such. I'd like that...


On a side note, I can't make videos and it kills me. Today is my free day and EVERYONE IS IN THE HOUSE because it's a holiday. bleh, bleh, bleh.


Birthday Extravaganza

Dear Blog, as I'm writing this I realize that my  greatest fear is coming true and it won't stop.
I'm growing up. I'm 20 years old now, I don't have a job and I can't go to college yet. 

So, birthday details. I got up at like 9:30 because my aunt called me. I had my breakfast and waited for my mom to come home so we could go to my other aunt's house. I'm cheap. Kay. I got there and explained my cousin a few things about my mom's cam because he's borrowing it for when he goes to san francisco (whic is kinda ironic because his name is francisco). Mom asked if I had any plans for the day, and since it was monday I hadn't planned anything because I hate mondays.

Now, my day would have been like this: going back home, watch a little tv, eat, and spend the rest of the day hokked up tho my computer. But my cousin didn't want me to do that and instead my aunt gave him money to treat me (Subway was the only thing we could afford). We hung out in his house for a while when he said he wanted to go to the beauty and the beast, a musical that I've already seen, you know. I at this point had spend my money aka aunt's present on Mario Kart DS (OMG IT'S ADDICTIVE)and therefore hadnothing to purchase my ticket. 

You may remember my cousing from old posts when he bought my ticket for the lion king, and if now, well, he bought my ticket to the lion king. He said he was treating me because it was my birthday and what not. I like musicals. I like them because I like when people randomly start to sing. Like in Buffy.