Teddy Bear Cookies

I forgot to put it here. I bought a macbook. yay. I still don't have it, but it's already bough, so all this time I've been h8ting the store for being out of stock. yes I said h8. word. yes, I said word.

You may notice the brand new banner I made last week. it's fun and it has ugly betty on it. it made me laugh. I love designing. I want to go to school and design. Also, I want to go to a starbucks with my macbook, why? I really don't know, I just think it's cool to go there and chill with free internet (psst psst, kiwi).

I'm currently listening to Avril Lavigne, I have no idea why. I used to love her music. I really really did, until her new album came and it was full of shit. I hate that artist change their style. they're famous for a reason. in the end it's music what counts but blaah. I lost the train of thought.

I should probably go to sleep because I have to get up early because I have a meeting at 9am. ugh. But I don't want to go because I feel the urge to write here. yes, in MY blog, where I can write about ANYTHING I fucking want. 

oh oh. I got drunk last night and I fell and now I have a scab on my knee and it hurts. But I had so much fun last night, I needed fun like that. kay that would be all.


new blog. finally.

Hello blog. I've been neglecting you. I'm sorry, it won't happen again... probably.

I've been working so hard right now you wouldn't even know. I have bruises in my hands and stuff!. Why do you have bruises in your hands, jc? I mean, you work in blockbuster. Yeah, that's the thing. I (with some other guy) had to put some HUUUUUUUUUGE posters and the wires were really tight and my hands hurt. ;__; but enough about that. I'm pretty sure I'll get my macbook on the 4th of 5th of december, so I have to find something else and save up what I can.

---- Things I saw today ----

*a guy with a very high pitched voice that made me laugh on my mind
*a woman with hairy legs
*rain leaking in my aunts house
*tony giving an earjob to a bunny
*a cute dog that always licks my hands ^_^
*Sunday Blog. On a sunday.
*Yearbook Pics, which bring me to my next point.

---End of Things I saw today ----

The Year Book: JC edition
So, catching up with all of the things I catch up on when I go online I saw Kiwi's Blog
and omg I laughed so hard that I decided to make my own.

And now, a little story of what Jc might have been through the ages:

1956 JC: This JC would have been like a total nerd and today own his own company. something called like... Macrosoft or something like that. He got married to a cheerleader and had a thousand kids. (omg, poor wife...)

1968 JC: This JC would have aspirations as a model. But after trying and trying he decided to join the porn industry because he had no money left. He didn't got married but DID had a thousand kids.

1976 JC: This JC was a wannabe. Aftr years of eternal popularity in high school, following trends he stole from other schools, they finnaly took revenge on a cheerleading competition... wait... was that a movie?

1980 JC: After suffering child abuse, this JC decided to live on his own. He had a peaceful life in the alps. He found love in a goat. He had a thousand goat kids.

1992 JC: This Jc pursued a rap career. why? I don't know, but one of the other 90's options remided me of eminem.

2000 JC: This Jc is not me, mainly because I graduated in 2008 kay? kay. uhm.. this JC... erm... got macig powers and lived happily ever after as a garbage pail kids illustrator. 

the end.

----- Things that have been going on -----

"me and my Indiana Jones t-shirt at work. Not working"

So yeah, I'm going into details about my job here. There are things I like and things I don't like about it. and since I'm good at making lists here are things I like:

*The People. They are all really nice guys and stuff.
*The Free Rents. It's not much but I have 5 free rents every week. Ju-On tomorrow :D
*The Fact that I can talk to people. Why? I don't know, but I like it. Even when they are douchebags.
*The policeman. Omg that man is the shit. he always greet me nicely and we chat when nobody's looking.
*Learning new things. I like feeling productive.
*The uniform: which is jeans on mondays and beige pants the rest of the week.
*The fact that is near my house and it's 2 cents away.
*The awesome bank account. (I have 10 minutes to talk to anyone on the phone for free, any volunteers?).
*Something I must have forgotten.

And Here's things I don't like about my job:
*There are times when the managers don't let me have a break. even though it's illegal and I can sue them.
*When I ask them not to put me on the counter and they put me on the caounter. Then there's money missing and I have to pay.
*The fact that they think I'm some kind of superhuman that can multitask and I can't. Multitasking is something I've been working on and I've only suceeded on the computer.
*They didn't give me a proper training.
*One of the bosses thinks he's too cool for the store. lol. he's a dwarf and has pimples.
*People that pay more attention to their phones than to you.
*the fact that I really REALLY miss school... -__-

And there are more, but I'm tired of writing about this.

OMG! NEW HOUSE. If everything goes according to planned I'll be moving sometime in january to a house. an actual house. so macbook and house. OH and maybe I'll put the modem in my room. so free internetz for all.

I've lost the focus to write. I'll be back when it comes back. meanwhile enjoy life.

xoxo, Gossip Boy