Changes (a narcissistic blogpost)

Hello dearest blog of mine. I wonder if I should give you a name. Like Rick or something cool. Maybe I'll just keep calling you blog because that's what I've been doing this whole time. Yes, you're blog. Blogjc. ^_^ I want to make this colorful an nice like jasmine's blog. let's give it a try. 

Winter, my favourite time of the year (yes, favourite with ou because I learned british english). Hopefully snow will come this year since it's november and it's FUCKING FREEZING, which I really like. Also, I've been going through one of those times where you just really don't like yourself that much. I want to get a new wardrobe full o' brown and green and beige and ocasional colour explosions like yellow and purple. Sadly, I'm lucky enough to have soup everyday, which takes me to another point.

I'm skinny, really skinny, and I don't like a second of it. All the people that I know tell me that it's better to be skinny than fat. I reply that I don't want to be fat, I just want to be normal. (how emo is that?) But yeah, turns out my metabolism is fucked up and runs at the speed of light, so no matter how much I eat I don't gain any weight. And Something that has concerned me is that I'm actually losing weight instead of gaining. Weird. I really really want to see a doctor to tell me what the heck is going on, but sadly the insurance is fucked up at the moment and I can't visit a good doctor. Oh life, why most thou do this. Also,  I want  to exercise but I don't want to until I actually have fat to shape. 

In other words, I want to reinvent myself, kinda like starting from scratch. Both physically and mentally. But I have no clue where to start (a better job sounds nice). 

Don't you just wish you could do things again? (how napoleon dynamite's uncle of me).

Changing the subject, Emily the first (as I'm going to star calling her) made this awesome summer project called the summer sessions. Then Jay decided to make the autum sessions and now I want to carry on their legacy with the winter sessions! Why, because I think it's a great idea to force yourself make a video and be happy and blah blah blah. SO, yeah, there's that and something else really big that I wanted to talk about but I can't seem to remember now!


Movie Live Blog

months ago, Bryony made a blog about watching happy feet. I'll now do that but with the movie 'Happily Never After'.... or something. Expect sarcasm because I expect a crap move.

*starting with the dvd being only in spanish. ugh.
*who are all this producers anyway? I've never heard of vanguard animation before
*OH WAIT, I think this is a german movie, that explains it....
*I hate when movies have the credits at the beginning
*the stepmom had an extreme makeover in 5 seconds
*ok that cinderella is just uglier than the stepmom, just saying
*I don't remember slave richard because there was no slave richard in cinderella
*bsides, richard is clearly handsomer than the prince, it's obvious that he's going to woo cinderella
*hohoho!! andy dick's voice! I'm glad this is in spanish
*that stepsister wears a purple wig! she must be... A TRANNY
*that house was way too small for all of those chores
*I'm really disturbed by this new richard character
*and the castle is ugly, you'd expect a 1864 bedroom castle with gardens an fountains, but no.
*the cat is right, why does rumplestinkin want a baby? 
*the wizard is off for vacation in scotland. of ALL the places in the universe, he goes to scotland.
*the wizard needed a void to go to scotland, how is he coming back? LOOPHOLE.
*Fairy godmother wants to turn cinderella into a real boy. HMM. She's got the hair already, I kinda know where this movie is going lol.
*Where did she study magic!? online?
*I guess I'm supposed to believe that it's just fate who brought the stepmom to hear the word magic said 10 floors up.
*no wait, she just said it was 40
*stepmom has a very small waist, and does better magic than the godmother
*ew, prince licked his hand and grabbed cinderella's
*so there's a balance for good and bad... why doesn't someone pulls it to the good side? I mean everyone would be extra happy and noone would ever think about doing wrong. right?
*stepmom is right, the prince IS a loser.
*'I hate to say this, but this get's worse'... no shit sherlock
*suddenly, cinderella is aware that there ARE other fairytales
*it's the fifth time I've heard that fucking song
*awww the monster mash with disco inferno. 
*that wolf has manboobs
*I'm getting sleepy


________+BACK TO THE MOVIE+________

*I've got news for you cinderella, 'just rick' is your happily ever after
*I wonder if Buffy is singing this song...
*SO cinderella is JUST REALIZING she doesn't like the prince but this rick guy.
*I have a hunch that cinderella and rick are brothers. INCEST.
*Where's the king of the... kingdom?
*I think the prince is on steroids
*wait a sec.... where the eff are the stepsisters?!
*there's a lava pit under the castle
*cinderella must have watched miss congeniality, because she just used 'sing'
*I don't like this! She's supposed to marry the prince! I HATE YOU RICK