I've been wanting to write for a looong time. let's see how it does dear blog of mine.

I've been making alot of new videos recently which is a good thing for me, meaning that the winter sessions will go well.
Oh Oh! Winter sessions! Explanation coming in 3...2...1...

The Sessions were created by Emily (shebitmylip) as a summer project. Making a video each day on weekdays. I thought it was an amazing idea and enjoyed every video of the sessions, watching young Emily grow to be a ice vlogger. I speak as if I'm the greatest vlogger in the world when in reality I can remember what I was going to say and end up talking nonsense, not breaking the language barrier.Sidetracked. ok. Moving on. The summer sessions ended and Jay (ofarevolution441) decided he was going to make the autumn sessions to bring his channel back to life, only this time it would be only 1 video a week. At that moment I thought I would LOVE to have the winter sessions and be cool and holiday spirited and what not. So I got them and I'll be making them. and yay liife.

As I'm typing this, the spell checker thing macbooks have has corrected me at least 29 times, not even kidding. MUST. GO. BACK. TO. SCHOOL.

Anyways. Christmas is up peoples!! I'm getting alot of shiny new stuff to play with, like guitar hero and wii fit and animal crossing for the DS. Sadly, no rune factory 2 which I'll have to buy online, which is not a bad thing, but I always have the fear that I'll get scammed or something. we'll see how that goes.

I have to send wall-e's to Germany and Canada!! Still don't know when I'll be doing that, and I think I'll have to go to UPS or DHL or something like that to get it done.

What else is up. OH OHHH. IMINLIKEWITHYOU. hehe. I freaking love that site, I'm not as obsessed with it as someone else I know *cough*
kiwi *cough*. I'm level 8 and I feel like I've wasted a big part of my life in that site. But if we go there, we'll have to say that I waste more time at work doing absolutely nothing I can take advantage of. I was promoted and it doesn't feel like it.

I read the first twilight book. It wasn't THAT bad, it was kinda boring at the beginning, but it got a little better in the last, like 40 pages, lol. The next day my mother invited me to go watch the movie, and I couldn't believe what a piece of crap it is. Seriously!! I was literally falling asleep there! I didn't like the casting (except
kristen stewart), I laughed at the fact that the villains are hotter than the good guys, I smiled when Stephanie Meyer (the author) appeared writing on her laptop, I hated Robert Pattinson and I LOATHED the adaptation. I have to say that the scenery was pretty cool. But that's it! The acting was bad. and UGH. I hate when books get bad adaptations. UGH UGH UGH.

Oh well, dearest blog reader of mine, I think I'll leave you because I have to watch a movie. Speaking of movies: I didn't like
Angelina Jolie until I saw her on Wanted. OMFG she is HOT. *sexes her.

Good bye. xxx


OH. PS. I'm in love with Peter, Bjorn and John's new song (see below):

Creepy video, Great song. <3 for you.