Yo yo yiggity, yo

Long time no see!!
How have you been my lovely blog readers, I've been well, you could say.

I'm drowning in work, but I guess that's ok, dunno, let's ask my youtube channel:


Omg, I know, it's been forever since i've had e-activity and i apologize, but life's been really good to me lately and stuff is happening and magazines are being printed and yeah.

I promise I'll make a video soon (cake knows I have enough footage).

As I type this at work, waiting for me boss to come back from some random place she went I realized I don't want to e-die, ever. No matter what. I'm way to in love with all of my peeps and the internet has proven to be a fantastic place to come and chill and forget about everything else.

Lemme tell you some stuff I've been doing. As you may or may not know I've been following thoroughly the divorce of Jon and Kate... *cough* I mean, working my ass off (I honestly didn't know who they were until they got divorced).

I'm making a short film! :D I know, exciting! except it's due one month and only the idea is done, LOL leving stuff for the last minute is so kewl. It's about a pair of shoes and what happens to them when the owner grows up and no longer needs them. They're red chucks n_n.

I've also been designing magazine covers and articles about embarassing stuf people go through in their everyday life. Turns out I'm really good at it. Like REALLY good, I had no idea. My teacher is even taking me to an editorial next week and I'm happy.
Also, I've been working on a short story about robots and love and cheesyness and I like it, but bleh, I hate I can't go into detail about it because my teacher wants 3 pages tops. There's so much to write!!

So yeh, basically that's it. I'll try to do this more often (BOY if I had a dollar for everytime I've said that (I'd have 5 dollars, I checked)) so stay tuned, because JC isn't over yet.

PS. I'm also planning on doing a spoof of twilight, documentary style stuff. yay.


JC and the City

It was 5:30 in the morning in Mexico City. People were getting up from their sleep to the sound of their alarm clocks, preparing for the morning routine: coffee, shower, more coffee and either get a bus, cab, take the metro ordriving across the city to get to work. Simple. People have been doing this for years now without even noticing.

All except one. Our blog begins at 5:30 am, as a cellphone rang to announce the start of a new day. JC got up just to turn the damn thing off and returned to his comfy bed. Only to be woken up by his father at 6:45, realizing he was (again) late for school. As JC got dressed up in sweat pants and a casual green thirst, he thought to himself 'how lame is it that I can't even get up in the mornings'. It was now 7:05, classes had started five minutes ago and JC was still making his morning coffee.

By the time he got to uni, he knew the answer to his earlier question: It was now almost 7:20 and the teacher had still to show up. Greeting his classmates, JC was relieved as he was everyday. This was his morning routine. He didn't really liked it, but it was simple and it worked for the time being.

Isn't it weird how lame someones life could be?, I mean think about it, JC had a great school, great grades, average to good teachers, a 4 hours a day job that paid much more than his lame 8 hours a day old job, someone that paid for his school and cleaned his clothes, etc. Then why wasn't JC feeling fulfilled? Come to think about it, many would kill for a life like this, but instead he spent all of his new free time watching tv series on dvd and saving money to buy more. Is this what people are supposed to do when they have almost all? Is this actually a good way to live? but most of all:

Are we defined by the routines of everyday life?

After a few hours of thought, JC came (lol) to the conclusion that he deserved better. He knew he was destined for more and better things (zomg like a blu-ray player :D) so he decided that he would do anything, and he meant it, ANYTHING to live out of the ordinary. Maybe it was because he had watched 4 seasons of sex and the city in less than a week, but he felt the urgent need of drinking a cosmopolitan with his friends and buy expensive shes and cloathes, and during a stormy afternoon, as he got wet under the rain he decided that he would move to New York as soon as he finished uni and gathered enough money to get a nice small apartment in Manhattan.

Maybe it was Sex and the City. Maybe it was the hate he had for his own country. Maybe he was just tired of the same things all over again. But one thing was for sure. He wasn't going to let his life go to waste.

Later that day, he remembered something. He had made himself that same promise even before he knew Sex and the City existed.


I want Nobody, Nobody, Nobody

vacations are overrated, unless you actually go out and do something.

I've finished the first part thingie of uni and even though it is absolutely amazing it's really tiresome. I wish I was rich and drove a hummer and have parents pay for my education and pleasures and life in general. I also wish a lot of stuff, like I wish I should have listened to Ben when he said that this would stay in my head for god knows how long:

I downloaded the song immediately. I suck. ha.

I must confess something. I haven't showered, changed clothes, made my bed, brush my hair, since Saturday.

I was so close to add 'brush my teeth' to the list, but that would have been just gross and a lie because I have brushed my teeth. ew, the thought of it. Otay, so finals went ok, I slept a total of 15 hours ish last week, and somehow they were worth it. The feeling i get when I finish an assignment is incredible. I'm proud of myself, but I'm still a long way to go if I want to become a 'super nerd with perfect grades'. Well, hopefully everything will go okay and I can get a scholarship, we'll see, if now I can start saying goodbye to school for a while, and that will kill me inside.

SWINE FLU. Okay, it's like vacations (overrated). When it started I remember I was with my family in a dim kitchen, and I was holding my cousing waiting for the news. I felt like I was in a movie where aliens had suddenly invaded earth. I personally hated swine flu week, as I like to call it, because fucking everything was closed. Movie theaters, restaurants, shit even churches closed that week!. And what was I doing? you may ask? working. 'But you just said everything was closed!', yes, except FUCKING BLOCKBUSTER OF HELL. I swear even the demons from hell came to rent movies. It was horrible. I still have nightmares about it.

So yeah, I want tomorrow to be a more productive day. I'm tired of being lazy and being hooked in to my computer. Though I downloaded firefox and I'm still getting used to it. I want to go swimming. That sounds nice. Let's hope that I can get up tomorrow.


BEfore I lose the inspiration. again.

Before we start, I'd like you to press play on the video below and enjoy the full experience of this post and the greatness that is 'Korean Boy'.

Thank you so much, now relax, enjoy the music and keep on reading.

How have you been my dearest blog readers? I've sure been busy and procrastinative (yes, that is a word, I looked up in the dictionary of the royal academy of the Billiesque language)(zomg, hai Billi!). I've been so busy with school and work. but oddly enough I <3>

School stuff have been ok, even though I heart my career and the stuff I'm doing I hate that we're making progress on something and then get our ideas rejected. I know that's life and that's why all of the designers suffer, but we're talking about school here, a) we're not designers and b) ... I forgot b) (but you bet it was VERY a valid reason). 

Work on the other hand has been a royal pain in the tush. well, considering that I went from this:

To this:

You kinda get the picture. I get respected once I get the tie on. It feels great to boss around, I'm not going to lie, but it's sad when you only get to boss around 3 people when you're supposed to boss around 10. Yes, we're very short on staff. I hate it so freaking much!! >__< !!!! I get stressed out too much! On the other hand, I love the paychecks I get. Bish, sub-managing rocks.

Speaking of rocks, I fell the other day. Speaking of my injured body, I started going to a nutriologist! zomg yay! and guess what! I'm gaining weight! it's incredible!... right now I've only gained like 2.3 kilos (that's 5something pounds for all of you losers that don't use the oh so lovely metric system). But hey! I thought I've would have never gained as much as I've gained, and in only a month! ... even though I could have gained more, but it was sale week and I felt bad. (eff you work, but not really).

Chris3ff is leaving youtube (kinda... sorta...) it made me really sad, since he was one of the reasons why I started making videos. To me, the thing about youtube is that is seriously going down for us vloggers. I mean,  no one cares anymore copyright makes our life a hell and many more reasons. But in the end (at least I) we're there for the people there, and I think that's worth so much more than the millions the site makes everyday.

On a darker/emoer/stupider/ (ha stupider actually exists!)

I just got an email from a relative who I see every year. You see the back story to this is that HE wanted to meet his family so he organized a nice (not so) little reunion with all of the family members he could gather. Now, I think it is a nice thing to see family you don't see every other day, right? once a year, it doesn't hurt. And we all have that kind of family, the one we spend christmas and or new years with, and the one we rarely write to, or even see. I really liked that reunion and I was looking forward the next one, because let's face it, I'm a hoot and I like making people laugh, so I have a lovely afternoon with nice coffee, booze, food and good laughs. 

Now, the thing that bothers me is this. Every group of my family has to organize it every year or so, last year, we had to do it and it went ok. This year was the turn of said relative's family. We set up the date a year ago, and he emailed us saying that it had to be cancelled because who knows who couldn't make it. He was supposed to email us back with the new date and such. 

Days passed and I moved on with my life as usual until today. I praise the lord (in a figurative speech) for the fact that I decided to study communications, because I know that he obviously had no clue what he was writing. (Not that I have one right now, this is for entertaining purposes only (I entertain you with my life. ha!)). the first paragraph he says something like 'I changed the date on purpose to see who was actually interested in this reunion'. Ok, I could have emailed him or something, but remember something? yes you  do, you smart blog reader, he was supposed to tell us the date!! omg!. then there's something like 'I've noticed that there's like 10% of you that don't want to be there, and I don't blame you, I don't want you to be bored' (I kinda improvised a little there). Then he says that he doesn't want to be in a family reunion were the whole family isn't involved! I mean wtf! srsly. ugh. change the subject. now.

Batman: The Dark Knight: The Ride IS HERE. ZOMGQ!!!ASDF

*calms down*

Yes, a new ride has opened in Six Flags, México. yay! and PROBABLY  we're going on thursday, although it's not confirmed, yet. I'm so excited! (to vote for captain insomnio) it's some sort of covered roller coaster and yay.

SO, I'm starting to lose all the inspiration I have left for this blog. Arencha glad I waited? you are.



ps!. Lovely pics for you. you better enjoy because it took me a while


I should never

eat when I'm about to blog, i lose all the inspiration


I blog when I have better things to do.

Hello my dear blog readers and blog itself. I'm not even going to apologize for not writing on you in almost a month, you, unlike people, can't bitch. That said, I shall continue.
omg, I'm sorry blog, I don't know what's gotten into me. :(

SO, school is good. Work is ok. Internet is fantastic. Why do I feel like somethings missing?
You know what I think I need? a girlfriend. too bad I'm not into relationships (I know right?, hard to believe). Yep. I see TONS of couples this days (and pregnant women for that matter), I just feel jealous one hand, and n the other I laugh at them for being so ridiculous. Now, I should explain why I feel this way. I've never wanted to have a girlfriend. I have had, but it's not like the best thing in the world for me. Is that weird? yes. haha. I'm actually laughing at myself right now. I have no writing skills. I'd be a terrible boyfriend. ugh. I'm way to self centered to be with someone. It's always me. me. and me.
Did you notice that last paragraph was almost in it's entirety short sentences?
Did you checked?
OH, before i forget. If I don't comment in our blogs it's not because I don't read them or anything. I do, I love reading peoples blogs, makes me feel like a good stalker ya kno?, the thing is that since i use google reader (or greader as I call it) I have to click on the title to go to the actual blog, then click again and to me, having like 8234605413 windows open makes me upset. And I hate the comment system in blogger I can't see if someone replied to my comment in someone else's blog. That being said, keep commenting and I'll happily read them and leave you lovely messages on the tubes.
Now, on a completely different matter, I've grown tired of my room again. hahaha. I know, I suck. Today as I walked with a friend I thought about my ideal place. And it would ALL be nintendo themed. Mario & Zelda, for that matter. The walls would be like the mushroom kingdom background and the doors would have the mushroom pixels and star pixels and fire flower pixels. And the doorbell would be the mario theme song. and I'd fit Zelda in but I don't know how. how is this related to my room? well, I've just had a brilliant idea! (since mother wouldn't approve my great room idea) I'll make pixel things with cardboard and be happy and yay. And I'm investing on a green screen (which is actually just a green cardboard).
*after listening to Mars in Furs' new song*
I miss chris3ff. There, I said it. He was one of the first people that I ever subscribed to. The first one being Bryony. Ahhh. I remember the days... sitting in my sisters PC... watching her videos... those were the days.
Speaking of those were the days, here's a pic of my family, when we went to the south of France.

Really, my friends. Those were the days. Look at hatti's tan!! I told that girl to put on some sunblock but noooo. She just plastered her face. I hate when paparazzi follow you around. We have a life, we, children of celebrities, have feelings you know?.

Now that that's out of my system... I want some tea. Right now. but I can't because I'm attempting early nights and it's almost bedtime and if I drink it I won't sleep and we don't want that.

OMG I TOTALLY FORGOT TO TELL YOU SOMETHING. UH. When I was at work I saw a client that sold his mario party and golden eye games to us. you know how much it cost me those magical gems of fun? $7 !!!!  OMFG. HOURS OF FUN FOR $7. I'm happy. Plus I got another controller for my n64, which I still use. I'm old school like that.

I'm going to shower now, I wish you would come, but you can't. sowy.

xx, jc



Mugged, adj. to be like a mug

Dear Blog and Blog Readers (yes, all 3 of you).
I was mugged today. I wanted to make a story of it and post it here, but I'm lazy and the experience was traumatic, so I'll just post what I told kiwi on skype. 

I was mugged!! yaaay!!


come to mexico city!
great place to live!

holy fuck. are you ok?!

I am
lemme tell you

your poor thing

it all started when i left school
I had to go to blockbuster to pay a debt
got my starbucks just to look fab, you know, I'm billi's son
so anyways I left blockbuster and headed to the apple store
rocking my jabazzy tshirt

of course

got there, got ma things and left the mall
nothing out of the ordinary
as I headed to the metro I wanted to walk through a park
(this is me trying to make it into a short novel)

do that
i'm listening. go ahead.

I felt the breeze in my golden hair
it felt good

(you should copy/paste this when you're done and make it into a video. just saying.)

I was waiting for the lights to change to red so I could cross when suddenly...
lmao ok!
I felt an arm around me
I was confused since I wasn't expecting anyone go grab me like that
I turned around and there he was
a hooded fellow... noone would think wrong of him
I tried to let go gently, me being the sweetheart that I am thought he might be sick, but au contraire mon ami

[apparently, kiwi reacts with loads of emoticons, so you’ll just have to settle with blank spaces k?]

'the wallet…' he said in a voice barely audible
I instantly froze, my mind racing a hundred miles per hour, thinking what were my options...
I thought of communitychannel and her escape plans, but quickly realized that nothing would work against the terrifying hooded figure, pressing something sharp on my waist
I slowly reached for my back pocket and took out my wallet
I handed it, remembering that I just had been to the ATM to take out the payment of weeks of hard work.

oh shit


after he inspected it one handed, he said in that almost inaudible voice again 'your cell'

feeling the sweat in my forehead I reached my left pocket and handed my nokia , the one that I bought with the money I got from my 18th birthday
He inspected it.
At that moment .... BRB phone [twas the mom, checking on me]

okies.. O.o

ok where were we?


I remebered the good times I had with my phone
using it as an ipod when I had none
and it was then that I realized that my ipod was in my backpack, along with the mac purchases


the hooded man muttered a slight 'hm' and trew my phone to the floor, making the battery fall out...


I stood there. frozen. unable to defend, while the man put his hand in my backpack

oh shit no..

and now, I thank the heavens and the stars of the sky that I'm attending college.
turns out that my notebook, one HUGE piece of artwork completely covered the apple bag


he looked at my keys and pencil case but realized that nothing was left to take
so he took his arm off me and walked into the street, while the lights still in red
a car stopped in front of him out of nowhere and picked him up
he thanked me while the car moved away from me
then they died
in my head

holy shit jc i'm so glad you're ok though!

I picked up the pieces of my cell and put them together to realize that my electronic friend was still alive
I rang my mom
I came home
and here I am

omg still alive!


Now, show me love and hold me while I cry myself to sleep.

Not really, I wasn't scared, I just froze... but still...


I've missed you so...

Dearest blog of mine, I'm writing to you from beyond the grave. Well, not actually just from my room, here again to update you on the story that I call life. I'm so inspired tonight! let's get this going! *crowd goes crazy*
I look like a rock star in that picture.

Ok, so good exciting things have happened recently, the most important being university. Yes blog, our prayers have been answered and I managed to get into college without paying a single cent (mother is the one paying for now, I need a scholarship asap *devours books*). I'm so in love with the whole thing. I love my classes, my teachers, my classmates, the fact that seeing a pc is considered rare due to the fact that the 99% of the staff and students carries a white macbook, and of course, my schedule.

'But JC!' said my blog, 'I thought you were working your ass off and you didn't have any free time!'. Well, Blog, you're totally right there, but turns out that being working there for almost 6 months has earned me the friendship of my direct bosses, allowing me to have 3 days off on weekdays, giving me enough free time to do my homework and don't reject my e-life. yay me.
So far I haven't had much homework. Some essays and definitions, the usual. Also, dearest blog, I have a big announcement to make! I gained a little weight! according to wii fit I gained like 0.5% since I started playing 3 weeks ago. I know it doesn't seem like much, but I never, EVER gain weight, so I'm excited. So far it looks like 2009 is going to be a good year. Screw the crisis.

I got the twilight books for christmas, and I grew sick of them. UGH. I can't stand them anymore. I'm sorry Stephanie Meyer, but if you're reading this (which you obviously are because who wouldn't want to read this masterpiece I call my blog), I gotta tell you that you're not really good at this writing thing if you say that South America is a different continent. I only need to read the last one, but srsly... that's what annoys me the most, I don't want to keep reading them, but I have to because I do want to know what happens with the characters and shiz. I give you credit for that Stephanie (because we've already established that you, in fact, DO read my blog), I really like the way you build up the suspense, but that's all. there. I want to read 'A lion among men' so bad, but I just can't read two books at once because I get confused (trust me, I've tried). kay, enough book talk.

The winter sessions are doing great so far! I'm really really loving the way it's turning out. I was really sick for the holidays and couldn't make a video (well, I did, but it was like 3 am and I had to be quiet. so quiet that I couldn't even understand myself the next week). 
Also, dear blog, LOOK AT MY NEW HAT:

Omg, I love it!
It's so warm and soft
And it was cheap. ^__^
I sleep with it.
I go to school with it.
I have sex with..... oh!

I've also found out about me newest fear: