I've missed you so...

Dearest blog of mine, I'm writing to you from beyond the grave. Well, not actually just from my room, here again to update you on the story that I call life. I'm so inspired tonight! let's get this going! *crowd goes crazy*
I look like a rock star in that picture.

Ok, so good exciting things have happened recently, the most important being university. Yes blog, our prayers have been answered and I managed to get into college without paying a single cent (mother is the one paying for now, I need a scholarship asap *devours books*). I'm so in love with the whole thing. I love my classes, my teachers, my classmates, the fact that seeing a pc is considered rare due to the fact that the 99% of the staff and students carries a white macbook, and of course, my schedule.

'But JC!' said my blog, 'I thought you were working your ass off and you didn't have any free time!'. Well, Blog, you're totally right there, but turns out that being working there for almost 6 months has earned me the friendship of my direct bosses, allowing me to have 3 days off on weekdays, giving me enough free time to do my homework and don't reject my e-life. yay me.
So far I haven't had much homework. Some essays and definitions, the usual. Also, dearest blog, I have a big announcement to make! I gained a little weight! according to wii fit I gained like 0.5% since I started playing 3 weeks ago. I know it doesn't seem like much, but I never, EVER gain weight, so I'm excited. So far it looks like 2009 is going to be a good year. Screw the crisis.

I got the twilight books for christmas, and I grew sick of them. UGH. I can't stand them anymore. I'm sorry Stephanie Meyer, but if you're reading this (which you obviously are because who wouldn't want to read this masterpiece I call my blog), I gotta tell you that you're not really good at this writing thing if you say that South America is a different continent. I only need to read the last one, but srsly... that's what annoys me the most, I don't want to keep reading them, but I have to because I do want to know what happens with the characters and shiz. I give you credit for that Stephanie (because we've already established that you, in fact, DO read my blog), I really like the way you build up the suspense, but that's all. there. I want to read 'A lion among men' so bad, but I just can't read two books at once because I get confused (trust me, I've tried). kay, enough book talk.

The winter sessions are doing great so far! I'm really really loving the way it's turning out. I was really sick for the holidays and couldn't make a video (well, I did, but it was like 3 am and I had to be quiet. so quiet that I couldn't even understand myself the next week). 
Also, dear blog, LOOK AT MY NEW HAT:

Omg, I love it!
It's so warm and soft
And it was cheap. ^__^
I sleep with it.
I go to school with it.
I have sex with..... oh!

I've also found out about me newest fear: