BEfore I lose the inspiration. again.

Before we start, I'd like you to press play on the video below and enjoy the full experience of this post and the greatness that is 'Korean Boy'.

Thank you so much, now relax, enjoy the music and keep on reading.

How have you been my dearest blog readers? I've sure been busy and procrastinative (yes, that is a word, I looked up in the dictionary of the royal academy of the Billiesque language)(zomg, hai Billi!). I've been so busy with school and work. but oddly enough I <3>

School stuff have been ok, even though I heart my career and the stuff I'm doing I hate that we're making progress on something and then get our ideas rejected. I know that's life and that's why all of the designers suffer, but we're talking about school here, a) we're not designers and b) ... I forgot b) (but you bet it was VERY a valid reason). 

Work on the other hand has been a royal pain in the tush. well, considering that I went from this:

To this:

You kinda get the picture. I get respected once I get the tie on. It feels great to boss around, I'm not going to lie, but it's sad when you only get to boss around 3 people when you're supposed to boss around 10. Yes, we're very short on staff. I hate it so freaking much!! >__< !!!! I get stressed out too much! On the other hand, I love the paychecks I get. Bish, sub-managing rocks.

Speaking of rocks, I fell the other day. Speaking of my injured body, I started going to a nutriologist! zomg yay! and guess what! I'm gaining weight! it's incredible!... right now I've only gained like 2.3 kilos (that's 5something pounds for all of you losers that don't use the oh so lovely metric system). But hey! I thought I've would have never gained as much as I've gained, and in only a month! ... even though I could have gained more, but it was sale week and I felt bad. (eff you work, but not really).

Chris3ff is leaving youtube (kinda... sorta...) it made me really sad, since he was one of the reasons why I started making videos. To me, the thing about youtube is that is seriously going down for us vloggers. I mean,  no one cares anymore copyright makes our life a hell and many more reasons. But in the end (at least I) we're there for the people there, and I think that's worth so much more than the millions the site makes everyday.

On a darker/emoer/stupider/ (ha stupider actually exists!)

I just got an email from a relative who I see every year. You see the back story to this is that HE wanted to meet his family so he organized a nice (not so) little reunion with all of the family members he could gather. Now, I think it is a nice thing to see family you don't see every other day, right? once a year, it doesn't hurt. And we all have that kind of family, the one we spend christmas and or new years with, and the one we rarely write to, or even see. I really liked that reunion and I was looking forward the next one, because let's face it, I'm a hoot and I like making people laugh, so I have a lovely afternoon with nice coffee, booze, food and good laughs. 

Now, the thing that bothers me is this. Every group of my family has to organize it every year or so, last year, we had to do it and it went ok. This year was the turn of said relative's family. We set up the date a year ago, and he emailed us saying that it had to be cancelled because who knows who couldn't make it. He was supposed to email us back with the new date and such. 

Days passed and I moved on with my life as usual until today. I praise the lord (in a figurative speech) for the fact that I decided to study communications, because I know that he obviously had no clue what he was writing. (Not that I have one right now, this is for entertaining purposes only (I entertain you with my life. ha!)). the first paragraph he says something like 'I changed the date on purpose to see who was actually interested in this reunion'. Ok, I could have emailed him or something, but remember something? yes you  do, you smart blog reader, he was supposed to tell us the date!! omg!. then there's something like 'I've noticed that there's like 10% of you that don't want to be there, and I don't blame you, I don't want you to be bored' (I kinda improvised a little there). Then he says that he doesn't want to be in a family reunion were the whole family isn't involved! I mean wtf! srsly. ugh. change the subject. now.

Batman: The Dark Knight: The Ride IS HERE. ZOMGQ!!!ASDF

*calms down*

Yes, a new ride has opened in Six Flags, México. yay! and PROBABLY  we're going on thursday, although it's not confirmed, yet. I'm so excited! (to vote for captain insomnio) it's some sort of covered roller coaster and yay.

SO, I'm starting to lose all the inspiration I have left for this blog. Arencha glad I waited? you are.



ps!. Lovely pics for you. you better enjoy because it took me a while


I should never

eat when I'm about to blog, i lose all the inspiration


I blog when I have better things to do.

Hello my dear blog readers and blog itself. I'm not even going to apologize for not writing on you in almost a month, you, unlike people, can't bitch. That said, I shall continue.
omg, I'm sorry blog, I don't know what's gotten into me. :(

SO, school is good. Work is ok. Internet is fantastic. Why do I feel like somethings missing?
You know what I think I need? a girlfriend. too bad I'm not into relationships (I know right?, hard to believe). Yep. I see TONS of couples this days (and pregnant women for that matter), I just feel jealous one hand, and n the other I laugh at them for being so ridiculous. Now, I should explain why I feel this way. I've never wanted to have a girlfriend. I have had, but it's not like the best thing in the world for me. Is that weird? yes. haha. I'm actually laughing at myself right now. I have no writing skills. I'd be a terrible boyfriend. ugh. I'm way to self centered to be with someone. It's always me. me. and me.
Did you notice that last paragraph was almost in it's entirety short sentences?
Did you checked?
OH, before i forget. If I don't comment in our blogs it's not because I don't read them or anything. I do, I love reading peoples blogs, makes me feel like a good stalker ya kno?, the thing is that since i use google reader (or greader as I call it) I have to click on the title to go to the actual blog, then click again and to me, having like 8234605413 windows open makes me upset. And I hate the comment system in blogger I can't see if someone replied to my comment in someone else's blog. That being said, keep commenting and I'll happily read them and leave you lovely messages on the tubes.
Now, on a completely different matter, I've grown tired of my room again. hahaha. I know, I suck. Today as I walked with a friend I thought about my ideal place. And it would ALL be nintendo themed. Mario & Zelda, for that matter. The walls would be like the mushroom kingdom background and the doors would have the mushroom pixels and star pixels and fire flower pixels. And the doorbell would be the mario theme song. and I'd fit Zelda in but I don't know how. how is this related to my room? well, I've just had a brilliant idea! (since mother wouldn't approve my great room idea) I'll make pixel things with cardboard and be happy and yay. And I'm investing on a green screen (which is actually just a green cardboard).
*after listening to Mars in Furs' new song*
I miss chris3ff. There, I said it. He was one of the first people that I ever subscribed to. The first one being Bryony. Ahhh. I remember the days... sitting in my sisters PC... watching her videos... those were the days.
Speaking of those were the days, here's a pic of my family, when we went to the south of France.

Really, my friends. Those were the days. Look at hatti's tan!! I told that girl to put on some sunblock but noooo. She just plastered her face. I hate when paparazzi follow you around. We have a life, we, children of celebrities, have feelings you know?.

Now that that's out of my system... I want some tea. Right now. but I can't because I'm attempting early nights and it's almost bedtime and if I drink it I won't sleep and we don't want that.

OMG I TOTALLY FORGOT TO TELL YOU SOMETHING. UH. When I was at work I saw a client that sold his mario party and golden eye games to us. you know how much it cost me those magical gems of fun? $7 !!!!  OMFG. HOURS OF FUN FOR $7. I'm happy. Plus I got another controller for my n64, which I still use. I'm old school like that.

I'm going to shower now, I wish you would come, but you can't. sowy.

xx, jc