JC and the City

It was 5:30 in the morning in Mexico City. People were getting up from their sleep to the sound of their alarm clocks, preparing for the morning routine: coffee, shower, more coffee and either get a bus, cab, take the metro ordriving across the city to get to work. Simple. People have been doing this for years now without even noticing.

All except one. Our blog begins at 5:30 am, as a cellphone rang to announce the start of a new day. JC got up just to turn the damn thing off and returned to his comfy bed. Only to be woken up by his father at 6:45, realizing he was (again) late for school. As JC got dressed up in sweat pants and a casual green thirst, he thought to himself 'how lame is it that I can't even get up in the mornings'. It was now 7:05, classes had started five minutes ago and JC was still making his morning coffee.

By the time he got to uni, he knew the answer to his earlier question: It was now almost 7:20 and the teacher had still to show up. Greeting his classmates, JC was relieved as he was everyday. This was his morning routine. He didn't really liked it, but it was simple and it worked for the time being.

Isn't it weird how lame someones life could be?, I mean think about it, JC had a great school, great grades, average to good teachers, a 4 hours a day job that paid much more than his lame 8 hours a day old job, someone that paid for his school and cleaned his clothes, etc. Then why wasn't JC feeling fulfilled? Come to think about it, many would kill for a life like this, but instead he spent all of his new free time watching tv series on dvd and saving money to buy more. Is this what people are supposed to do when they have almost all? Is this actually a good way to live? but most of all:

Are we defined by the routines of everyday life?

After a few hours of thought, JC came (lol) to the conclusion that he deserved better. He knew he was destined for more and better things (zomg like a blu-ray player :D) so he decided that he would do anything, and he meant it, ANYTHING to live out of the ordinary. Maybe it was because he had watched 4 seasons of sex and the city in less than a week, but he felt the urgent need of drinking a cosmopolitan with his friends and buy expensive shes and cloathes, and during a stormy afternoon, as he got wet under the rain he decided that he would move to New York as soon as he finished uni and gathered enough money to get a nice small apartment in Manhattan.

Maybe it was Sex and the City. Maybe it was the hate he had for his own country. Maybe he was just tired of the same things all over again. But one thing was for sure. He wasn't going to let his life go to waste.

Later that day, he remembered something. He had made himself that same promise even before he knew Sex and the City existed.