Yo yo yiggity, yo

Long time no see!!
How have you been my lovely blog readers, I've been well, you could say.

I'm drowning in work, but I guess that's ok, dunno, let's ask my youtube channel:


Omg, I know, it's been forever since i've had e-activity and i apologize, but life's been really good to me lately and stuff is happening and magazines are being printed and yeah.

I promise I'll make a video soon (cake knows I have enough footage).

As I type this at work, waiting for me boss to come back from some random place she went I realized I don't want to e-die, ever. No matter what. I'm way to in love with all of my peeps and the internet has proven to be a fantastic place to come and chill and forget about everything else.

Lemme tell you some stuff I've been doing. As you may or may not know I've been following thoroughly the divorce of Jon and Kate... *cough* I mean, working my ass off (I honestly didn't know who they were until they got divorced).

I'm making a short film! :D I know, exciting! except it's due one month and only the idea is done, LOL leving stuff for the last minute is so kewl. It's about a pair of shoes and what happens to them when the owner grows up and no longer needs them. They're red chucks n_n.

I've also been designing magazine covers and articles about embarassing stuf people go through in their everyday life. Turns out I'm really good at it. Like REALLY good, I had no idea. My teacher is even taking me to an editorial next week and I'm happy.
Also, I've been working on a short story about robots and love and cheesyness and I like it, but bleh, I hate I can't go into detail about it because my teacher wants 3 pages tops. There's so much to write!!

So yeh, basically that's it. I'll try to do this more often (BOY if I had a dollar for everytime I've said that (I'd have 5 dollars, I checked)) so stay tuned, because JC isn't over yet.

PS. I'm also planning on doing a spoof of twilight, documentary style stuff. yay.


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