okay I suck, but i have a very valid reason of why i didn't post since wednesday. Normally I post at work because i'm bored and it helps me pass the time, but my boss asked me to translate some weird document about tests and cosmetics and stuff and it consumed my time (translating is harder than it sounds, who knew?). So i figured i'd post at home, though turns out I didn't have internet access until last night D: THE HORROR

Now everything is nice and cool and fun and internetsy and I'm just waiting for True Blood to finish downloading so i can watch it and be happy and cake. :D

So, i said i was going to act all fanboy about nintendo's E3 conference. And I am. 3DS OMFG. NEW ZELDA, NEW PAPER MARIO. (also NEW POKEMON, but that won't come out until next spring -_-U).

I've always been a nintendo fan, I don't own an xbox or a ps3 (or 2 or 1). Though the new xbox slim sounds appealing hmm.

The setting: LA, circa 1994. I was in a carousel going round and round (like a record baby). When I got off, what do I see? MOTHERFUCKING MOM AND DAD WITH A NES IN THEIR HANDS. I used to jump with Mario. Those were the days.

The setting: My bedroom, circa 1997. My burfday. For some I slept in my parents bed, prolly because i fell asleep watching a movie. I get up ( I used to get up at 6 everyday, wth). I go to my room, what do I see? MOTHERFUCKING SNES IN MY BED.

The setting: My mom's room, circa 1999. Me begging my mom to buy me an N64, being the first game with 3d capabilities and stuff. fun fact I never owned mario 64. I remember my aunt telling me 'why don't you just wait until the n86' (???) I don't remember how i got it, but i remember playing mario kart and wave race for HOURS.

For the sake of this post I'll just say this kid is me.

The setting: Dunno, year dunno. By this time I kinda went on a console hiatus and decided that the gba was incredibly cool (it was), therefore not really caring about the game cube. I got the game cube, but i never really bought many games for it, instead I bought them for the gba. Fun fact, I used to buy my games from this little ghetto shop with some guy who had a celebi game boy. I was so excited because he said he was going to save it for me and when I got to the store I saw him selling it to another kid... I was stuck with a white one and pokemon crystal. I was devastated. I never went back to that store. D: (I remember this was around when 9/11 happened).

The setting: my house, like 3 years ago. My mom came back from amurica and when she opened her bags she was all like 'I BOUGHT ME A WII, Y'ALL'. Funny thing, I never asked for the wii. I think portable consoles are FAR better because you can carry them and play them anywhere. That's why I spent all of my money on my DS lite. I love it.

The setting: My office, last week or so. I was browsing articles about nintendo's E3 conference. I saw the 3DS. I gasped out loud. My boss (who sits right in front of me) asked me if everything was all right. I said i just had a little spasm. I NEED THAT GAME.

so yeh. that's if for today, my fingers are getting tired.

PS. I finished reading Brave Story on saturday and watched the movie yesterday. I'm so grateful that i saw the movie before reading the book, otherwise I would have hated it. And now I kinda do after the masterpiece that is the book. :o0O






My boss is listening to the Spice Girls

Day 2 of the blogging years (what was that? I don't know, it sounds cool, WHATEVS IT'S MY BLOG AND I'LL POST WHAT I WANT).

Once again, I find myself sitting in my desk, pretending to work, while my boss is up to the neck with all the stuff that needs to be done. Bless her poor heart.

Yesterday, one of my teachers gave me back my essay saying it was the best of the lot. She also said she was 'laughing her ass off', even though I didn't think my essay was that funny. Anyways, I got perfect score and 90% overall. I love my university. Once thing she told me that she found curious (and curiouser) was that apparently I translate from english to spanish and that 'it sounds weird', she thinks (and she's right) that I think in english and that, even though it's not necessarily a bad thing, I'm lacking on my spanish.

This left me thinking on the effect the english language has had in me over the years, I mean, since I was in elementary school I never had a problem with english and I clearly remember myself chatting with my teachers, who btw always asked me how many years have I lived abroad (I never have). This is completly uninteresting and I should just stop now.

So, I bought two new books yesterday, but I'm too embarrassed to tell you which ones because it's not like it's the kind of literature that you can feel proud of. Ok, fine. I bought the first one of the Percy Jackson novels and the first of the Haruhi Suzumiya novels (currently listening to the opening of the anime).

I absolutely adore fantasy novels, fairy tales, mysteries and all that shit. I'm crazy about it. About 4 months ago I discovered a little book store which only sells books in english. It's PARADISE I tell you. If they don't have the book you're looking for they can get it for you. I'm pretty sure they order them from amazon, and that's ok, since poor people like me who can't afford a credit card (or even a debit card) can't buy from there.

This book store opened a whole new chapter, reading-wise, in my life. I've been DEVOURING books like there's no tomorrow, and now let me tell you about a book that it's quickly becoming one of my top 3.

It's called Brave Story by japanese author Miyuki Miyabe. I first knew about this because of the anime movie with the same name (a movie I also fell in love with). Sadly enough, as soon as I found out there was a book I decided i had to get it. I'm talking circa 2007. Of course I couldn't find it in any of this shit libraries we have here. Then 2010 came and the magical book store came to be and I couldn't be happier. This book is a little brick of 824 pages with font size 9. I love it! and the good news is that since it's such a big book, there's a lot of stuff the movie left out, meaning, it's like i haven't seen the damned thing in the first place.

With that happy thought I'm going to leave you. Should I do like a song of the day thing? (totally not copying BenRobot). Meh, while i decide, you can have this. BE OPEN MINDED I HAVE A VERY WIDE MUSIC TASTE.

Today, in honour of the book I'm about to read, I'll leave you with 'God Knows' from the Haruhi anime. It's got some killer guitar solos and I adore it. n_n

Tomorrow: Read me being a complete fanboy about the announcements of Nintendo in the E3... if I remember.



I want back on the internet.

Over the past few months I've been doing a shit load of great stuff, therefore the internet has suffered painfully my absence for maybe like 5 or 6 months. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, for my grades have never been better, I'm reading tons and tons of books and I'm making progress at work (without any more pay, fml.).

After much consideration I realized that I really miss being on the internet. I haven't commented on videos, I haven't made any new videos, I haven't tweeted as much as I used to and, most importantly, I haven't blogged in forever which is what i really love to do. I love writing and I have to thank my school for that.

Now, I've been feeling incredibly nostalgic over the past few weeks and I miss tons of people who either moved on or, like me, are not as active as they used to be on the mighty internet. And I really hate that! not because they're probably doing incredible things and stuff, but because I miss them and I'm an egocentric bitch who wants it all. To you, my friends, I salute you and I honestly hope you're doing incredibly well on all of your activities and stuff. I miss you so.

To the peeps that still are active I apologize for being away for such a long time and I hope you can forgive me. who could resist my puppy eyes? no one. Not even you, dear reader.

As I said at the beginning I want back on the internet and for that I've come up with an activity plan that I'm not entirely sure I'll be able to follow. It's not easy getting into a routine and I know that I'm not the most reliable person to begin with... Here it is:

* Post a blog everyday. (except weekends because, bitch, I need my rest)
I absolutely adore writing! so much! and even though I might just post stupid shit at least I want to post something. We'll see how that goes, stay tuned.

Like it's hard to take a picture of yourself everyday... yeah, somehow for me it is. I figured that if I 'snap' a new picture at least twice a week I'll be fine.

*Begin the commentage
I need to comment more on things! youtube videos, blogposts, twitter, EVERYFINK 8I. I love getting comments and I'm guessing people love it too, everyone wins.

*Put a stop to the laziness
I need serious help. If it wasn't for my metabolism I'd probably look like this:

Except in bed.

I need exercise and a balanced diet and stuff. Maybe I can keep you up to date on that?

And I think that's it... I guess, we'll see how that goes.