okay I suck, but i have a very valid reason of why i didn't post since wednesday. Normally I post at work because i'm bored and it helps me pass the time, but my boss asked me to translate some weird document about tests and cosmetics and stuff and it consumed my time (translating is harder than it sounds, who knew?). So i figured i'd post at home, though turns out I didn't have internet access until last night D: THE HORROR

Now everything is nice and cool and fun and internetsy and I'm just waiting for True Blood to finish downloading so i can watch it and be happy and cake. :D

So, i said i was going to act all fanboy about nintendo's E3 conference. And I am. 3DS OMFG. NEW ZELDA, NEW PAPER MARIO. (also NEW POKEMON, but that won't come out until next spring -_-U).

I've always been a nintendo fan, I don't own an xbox or a ps3 (or 2 or 1). Though the new xbox slim sounds appealing hmm.

The setting: LA, circa 1994. I was in a carousel going round and round (like a record baby). When I got off, what do I see? MOTHERFUCKING MOM AND DAD WITH A NES IN THEIR HANDS. I used to jump with Mario. Those were the days.

The setting: My bedroom, circa 1997. My burfday. For some I slept in my parents bed, prolly because i fell asleep watching a movie. I get up ( I used to get up at 6 everyday, wth). I go to my room, what do I see? MOTHERFUCKING SNES IN MY BED.

The setting: My mom's room, circa 1999. Me begging my mom to buy me an N64, being the first game with 3d capabilities and stuff. fun fact I never owned mario 64. I remember my aunt telling me 'why don't you just wait until the n86' (???) I don't remember how i got it, but i remember playing mario kart and wave race for HOURS.

For the sake of this post I'll just say this kid is me.

The setting: Dunno, year dunno. By this time I kinda went on a console hiatus and decided that the gba was incredibly cool (it was), therefore not really caring about the game cube. I got the game cube, but i never really bought many games for it, instead I bought them for the gba. Fun fact, I used to buy my games from this little ghetto shop with some guy who had a celebi game boy. I was so excited because he said he was going to save it for me and when I got to the store I saw him selling it to another kid... I was stuck with a white one and pokemon crystal. I was devastated. I never went back to that store. D: (I remember this was around when 9/11 happened).

The setting: my house, like 3 years ago. My mom came back from amurica and when she opened her bags she was all like 'I BOUGHT ME A WII, Y'ALL'. Funny thing, I never asked for the wii. I think portable consoles are FAR better because you can carry them and play them anywhere. That's why I spent all of my money on my DS lite. I love it.

The setting: My office, last week or so. I was browsing articles about nintendo's E3 conference. I saw the 3DS. I gasped out loud. My boss (who sits right in front of me) asked me if everything was all right. I said i just had a little spasm. I NEED THAT GAME.

so yeh. that's if for today, my fingers are getting tired.

PS. I finished reading Brave Story on saturday and watched the movie yesterday. I'm so grateful that i saw the movie before reading the book, otherwise I would have hated it. And now I kinda do after the masterpiece that is the book. :o0O

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"be happy and cake" FAGGOT