I have really conservative parents.

Let me tell you how much.

I just remembered something that now makes me go all like 'wtf were they thinking?'

When I was little my parents brought home a bunch of old cartoon movies in vhs (young ones, google vhs). They were really cheap and lame stories about angels and christ and saints and god and stuff (you guessed it, my parents are god fans). Though there was one video in particular that we weren't allowed to watch. It was a movie called 'If you love me... Show me' and it was about sex (:0 omg i know).

Anyways, now I know that they really DID wanted us to watch it, as they never hid it anywhere, it just sat there with all the other movies. So one day when they left for something I grabbed the tape and played it.

I found a review on some christian site (because I can't find the movie ANYWHERE (not even imdb)):

"He was thinking tonight...she was thinking forever... Paul and Jenny are in love, and tonight's the night they prove it. Or so Paul decides as he takes Jenny for a ride to the local lover's lane. They don't know it, but they're in for a wilder ride than they could ever imagine-one that will change their lives forever. "If you LOVE me...SHOW me!" is a rollicking story about two teenagers as they struggle with sexuality: How do they know they're really in love? How do they show it? How about sex? Yes? No? Maybe? How far is too far? Fast-paced and funny, this is an engaging story about convictions and the courage to stand by them. Its fresh, realistic approach challenges teens to see sexuality in its natural context of love and life, and sets them on the road to success and happiness in all their relationships. "If you Love me...SHOW me!" will delight and surprise teenagers everywhere with its sophisticated style and ingenious use of animation. A great resource for teenagers, parents and educators! IT'S HOT-DON'T MISS IT! We recognize that parents are the primary educators of their children, including education in love, marriage, and sexuality. WARNING: This film, although not explicit, has a theme not intended for young children."

It was a story about a guy that wanted to get it on with his girlfriend and they were in high school and stuff. They guy even told her that he 'had protection'. Now, let me tell you how weird this movie is. There's this weird witch girl that eavesdrops on them and then she goes all like' protection? are they going to hit themselves of what?'. Then the other girl says not tonight and they go back homw, the guy being all like ' >:[ hmph'.

So the next day, weird witch girl shows up at their school and becomes really popular and stuff. She goes to tell the girl that SEX IS EVIL and a SIN, and that not how GOD WANTS IT.

I don't really remember how this movie ends, but i think she breaks up with him and she embarrasses him in front of everyone.

then she and witch girl have loads of passionate lesbian sex and live happily everafter.


PS. I'm not a christian.


I suck

I knew I couldn't keep this up. Though, to be fair, I been working on a radio show on the beach and didn't have internet access.

Erm... i kinds have nothing to write about... oh! wait! Turns out the people who own the bookstore i told you about are relatives of mine! (cue "say whaaaa?") When I was on the beach me dad had a family reunion and he met the owners and they said we looked alike. He then blurted out that i was his son and stuff.

yeah... I'm sad because True Blood skipped this week. D: I know.